Monday, June 16, 2008

Blog site #2....Here we go !!!

Well, here I am.... starting blog #2. For anyone who doesn't know about blog #1 it is here. However, I decided to move forward with a blog that would speak to everything else in my life. So, true to form of most blogs I've read.... this blog will speak to many things.

I'm a mom, so my life is often gross, funny, stressful, joyful, humorous, and life altering.

I'm a wife, so my life is often shared, funny, stressful, joyful, humorous, and life altering.

I'm a friend, so my life is often prayed over, praying for, joyful, community, and life altering.

I'm a homeschooler, so my life I'm sure will often be.... stressful, and life altering. :)

I'm an ESTJ (too bad for you if you don't know what that means), so my life (and words) is often extroverted, face-value, thought out (rarely felt), judgmental (haha), and life altering.

I'm a follower of Jesus, so my life is often unpredictable, full of conviction, joyful, hopeful, full of unknowns, changing, held, secure, and life altering. (Just to name a few.)

I'm an extremist. Not the type of extremist you are probably thinking of... most of the time my "extremes" serve me more heartache and headache than anything else. Perhaps a better way to state it would be "all or nothing". Oh shoot...I should have picked my blog address to be allornothing.... darn it, now I have to quit. haha . Anyway, it's who I am, and who I am is always growing and changing. I often think one extreme, than find myself at the other. So...bear with me as I try to find a balanced view of life (when needed). There are many issues I do stand firmly convicted on as well .... of which I do live the "extreme" you were thinking of! (This will all make much more sense as you read the crazy thoughts that run through my mind.) However, many random thoughts will be included, as I'm a mom of 3 random kids, and the wife of one random husband. (He already used the randominsights address darn it!!)

I've contemplated starting another blog that journeys my life as a whole (not just adoption) for a while now. This blog thing is kinda funny to me though. As I began reading other peoples blogs (people I know in "real life"), I'm in awe of this "online community". Sometimes it excites me to think there is such a method of finding out about the lives of those I know, as I believe we are supposed to share our lives with each other. Other times though, it saddens me to think that the people I know don't often just share their lives with me to the depth they would in their blog. I'm one that longs for community. So while this blog-o-sphere has left me sometimes with a sense of community, it has at other times left me with a deeper sense of loneliness as I'd rather know folks on a deeper level over a cup of coffee (or a margarita). But what can you do??? This is now (or maybe this was years ago, and I'm finally catching up). My life is an open book (much to my husbands disapproval at times ... I'll try to be careful, I promise), so please leave a comment. It makes me feel I'm part of a community.... like I'm not all alone. :) OR.... better yet... let's go out for a drink!


Jeff said...

other blog to add to my blog roll. you know i think you write well and the first two post here prove out that point.

great post on the house. it's encouraging to hear you work through it out loud.

i'm an INTJ so i experience life very much like you do - i just do it inside instead of outside :-)

BMer916 said...

you forgot : "i'm a blogger..."