Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Deepest Fear Come to Fruition (only in my kids life)

(I posted about this on my other blog, but it was a more serious mom take on it. Here is how it really went down.)

Those who know me know that I am deeply afraid of wasps (and moths for some unknown reason). Why? I do not know. I've never been stung by one, but it seems to me like it would be the end of the world were I to be stung. In our house in the suburbs, we have had a growing wasp problem over the years. (Reason 682 why we are selling the house.) 2 years ago we even brought out an exterminator (3 times actually) to take care of it. Uh, yeah, it didn't work.

Last night Eden and Sam were out back playing tag (according to Eden). Eden comes running in screaming a scream of death (which is not uncommon for her to do). So we half-heartedly went to rescue her from who knows what. With Sam running behind her deeply concerned, she exclaims with hands out, "I got stung! The bee stung me! The wasp stung me!" We are looking at her hands, not seeing anything but a scratch. We assumed she was playing with the rose bush or something. So we continue to try to convince her that she in fact was not stung, but rather disobeyed and picked my roses. Sam runs off to play on the couch, when all of a sudden, we hear him screaming a similar scream of death (which is NOT so common coming from him). We turn to look at him, and all assume he fell of the couch. Now both are screaming at the top of their lungs. All the meanwhile, a friend who is staying with us has a chihuahua who is also now yelping a yelp of death, making Eden and Sam who are just recently overcoming their fear of dogs (yes, even rats with fur) cry harder out of fear of this rat like monster. I turn to look at Sam and all of a sudden he begins to beet his body. No, not the way that Paul instructs in scriptures, but rather a horrible something is wrong type of beating. Finally it all clicks in my mommy brain. The rest happens in slow motion.

I'm watching this happen, running to my son, yelling, "I-t-'s i-n h-i-s s-h-i-r-t" (That was my attempt at slow motion in writing.) As I get to him, the wasp falls from his shirt onto my floor. Now remember, these creatures of God's are my deepest fear. So I now start screaming the scream of death yelling at Aaron to "KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT", and am about to jump on a chair to save my own life. (As if I had made it on the chair, and Aaron hadn't made it to the wasp to kill it, it couldn't have flown up to me anyway?!?!?!) Well, Aaron killed it (actually Sam probably slowly killed it). So, now that I hear Aaron and our friend telling me to stop screaming, I begin to climb down from my mental chair and again try to tend to my children who are ligetimately screaming.

Eden's stings finally began to appear. It really had gotten her ... 3 times. Poor girl. Only now she sees that Sam got it worse than she did, so she calms down fairly quickly. Sam, however, continues to be in hysteria for about 45 minutes. We are trying desperately to rub a baking soda concoction on them. Turns out Sam had at least 5 stings that we could see. One right under his arm that was the worst. I hate that feeling that there is nothing I can do to ease their pain. We didn't have anything in the house even to soothe their pain. So I ran to the store (and picked up some wasp killer while I was at it). They were asleep though by the time I got home.

This morning Aaron went out to destroy the remainder of the colony. We had finally gotten out of Sam what had happened. Sure enough, it was not an innocent game of tag, or playing with my rose bush, but rather climbing on the structure where the wasps have made their home (of which I've warned our children of in the past). Aaron killed off about 20 of the boogers (at least that is how many dropped from the nest) as he went around to the different places I had been telling him they were taking over. And while I'm so glad that my husband had the opportunity to have a "Terminator" moment (T2 is one of his favorite movies) and even lived to blog about it, I'm more thankful that he now believes me that we do indeed have a "wasp problem".... not just a problem wife who has a problem with wasps.

Today the kids are fine. Sam has spiked a fever, which I guess is from the toxins coursing through his vains. But I've been told he will be fine. He enjoyed watching the Terminator Exterminate them this morning.

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Sarah said...

Oh how sad! Chip just sent me out a few days ago to kill a colony that was living in our back yard. He is petrafied of them so alas I had to deal with it. But we have a deal, I will kill all the bees and he will take care of any snakes we ever get in the yard, not that we ever had had one.