Monday, August 11, 2008

On a lighter note

In the midst of my heavy thoughts and drama filled normalcy, I will do things every now and then that are just plain normal. Imagine that. It isn't always easy, and it is usually purely for the sake of the children.

Today's example. We went to the park. It was hot, we came home. We had a call for a showing, so I jumped into my drama mode ... cleaned the house ... left the house. We drove. We came home. We did a craft. Oh yes, a craft. We made princess crowns (still trying to convince Sam that his is NOT a princess crown, but that of a King's). Then it was on to a game of hide-and-go-seek. This is one of those games that is not so much enjoyable for me ... but the babes love it. So we played. I kept wondering if it would be bad for me to hide in a locked room curled up with a good book. I decided it would be. So instead, I hid in the "scary closet" (that would be the closet that houses the furnace and water heater ... it makes scary noises you know). As I stood there holding the handle as they tried to break in to find me ... I found a bit of humor in it. Sick and twisted, I know. But it was enough humor for me to pursue the rest of the game with a child like thrill (who cares that the thrill started out so cruel). So, on we went. I won the good mom award today in their eyes. Until they went to bed and I wouldn't let Provi sleep in my bed. Then she cried at me and made me feel like a bad mom again for not buying her a temperpedic mattress. So, now that all is right in the world - I will go to sleep and look forward to what tomorrow may bring.

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Angie said...

Now THAT is a good mom day! I can't remember the last time I was that fun and packed that much into a day. I've been a loser mom for months on end now. Poor girls.

I was ready for you to say that Provi wanted to sleep with you because she was scared due to the "scary closet" ordeal. Would've served you right! Ha! :D