Saturday, September 20, 2008

Garage Door Living

That's it. That's all the life I see of most of the people on my street. Their garage doors. I know they are alive, because I see the garage door going up and down at various times. How did we become a culture of pulling out of our garage in the morning, only to return back to it in the evening. Up, down, up, down. That's it.

I remember as a kid being out in the street until my name was called for either food or bed. All the kids on the block knew each other and played with each other. No organized play dates, no structured activity center, no closed garages, just pure fun in the middle of the street. While I realize that a few areas may still be like this, I personally haven't managed to live in one since my childhood. (And I've moved 11 times in the last 9 years alone.)

Well, I'm tired of it. I've lived in my house now for almost 4 years, and still haven't met most of them. (4 to be exact are all that I could tell you the names of .... maybe 1 neighbor per year is doing pretty good.) So a few weeks ago, I decided to move on an idea of a block party. I asked my next door neighbor if she would help me with the planning and cooking. Food always brings in a crowd! We made flyers, planned a main course, and actually pulled it off. And while 50 invitations were sent (that's how many houses are on my street), all of about 10 families showed up. Including kids, about 35 people gathered on my front lawn eating, talking and leaving our garage door openers at home. It was good. I'm glad to have met so many new people. And it was so fun watching 15 children on their bikes in the street at the same time. (Oh, and everyone who came brought a side dish, dessert, or drink ... they left it all behind. Beer anyone??? HAHA)

I think I'll make it an annual event. I hope my the neighbors I met tonight will at least wave from here on out before they close their garage door.

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Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Oh man! I am SO with you on this one! You know what we did...we started actually playing in the front yard as our kids started arriving (the back yard starts to get cramped!)and now, 9 1/2 years later summer time is the best time on our street ... everyone comes out to play, talk and laugh. And we've even had margarita nights on the driveway after the kids are in bed!!! LOL
I proud of you for reaching out and not being like everyone else!!! :)