Monday, September 8, 2008

McCain Mama??? Not yet ...

I know, I said that I would post about McCain's speech after he gave it. Well, it's after he gave it. Unfortunately, it's long enough after the fact, that I barely remember my thoughts on it ... which perhaps is a bad sign in and of itself.

First, I remember being confused at the beginning. I could not at all figure out why everyone kept chanting "USA ... USA ... USA ..." every 3rd word. Then, when I watched some of a replay later, I realized that it was due to protesters. It was annoying at the time. I started thinking that Republican's were just a bunch of dorky copy catters from Obama's speech. But, now that I think about it, maybe that's why they kept chanting that during Obama's speech too. Hmmm, well, now that I'm caught up on the rules of attending an acceptance speech ....

I've overheard a lot of people making fun of McCains arm motions (or lack there of) since his speech. If this is you, let me just say - "shame on you!". I overheard someone making fun of him the other day, and I couldn't help myself any more. I turned to them and said "His arms are the way they are because he fought for YOU". Remember that folks when we watch SNL making fun of him too.

Back to the speech. There was a safety that I felt while watching McCain. If you remember, I stated that I felt Obama was a wolf in sheeps clothing. I never had any such feeling in regards to the safety of America with McCain. And while they have different issues that they are passionate about protecting, I must say ... I was feeling a little "safer" in the hands of McCain. Perhaps my feeling of safety isn't a big issue ... but I thought I'd make mention of it since I did in regards to Obama.

I felt like McCain talked a bit much about the war ... both the current war, future wars, and the war he was in. Mostly because it doesn't make a huge difference to me in this election. I know it does to a lot of people, but it doesn't to me. The things of war are above and beyond my comprehension....I know, pathetic. But hey, baby steps here in my pursuit of understanding such things.

Maybe I should back up a bit in the RNC, as some of it meant more to me than McCains speech itself. Giuliani was highly inappropriate in many things that he said, but I think he was supposed to say such things. Let me tell you one thing I did agree with though, was his comment about people coming down on Palin because she is a woman that cannot be there for her family if she is VP. He said, "No one would ever say that about a man". Loved it! Because that is one of my huge issues with Obama (on a personal level, not so much political). He won't be there for his girls if he is in office, but no one is saying anything about that. That, however, is one of the first things I thought about Obama. He stands up there telling us how he lived without a dad, blah blah blah ... but what people don't realize in his "big talk" about family values, is that he is NOT valuing his family in taking this step in his career right now. His wife is so involved with his campaign too, that to be honest, I fear for his young daughters. Just because his grandparents raised him, doesn't mean that his daughters grandparents should raise them. (I know, some of you may think I'm taking that too far ... but family and children is the number one value to Aaron and I in our lives ... so it just happens that way.) Take it back to Palin though .... and Giuliani's sentiment sticks ... no one asks such questions about a man. And let me just say, I think Palin is AMAZING! I sort of wish she was running for President. There is something about her, that makes me think it doesn't matter what her role is in life as a professional - her kids will know her, and know they are loved. Besides that, for both Obama and Palin ... their children are NOT an issue in this campaign (or shouldn't be in my opinion). It is never our place to judge someone elses choices in life in regards to how they work, raise their children, etc.... We don't know what happens behind the camera.

Back to politics .... McCain said a few things I was saying I wanted to hear. He spoke to the need for Americans to be responsible. I wish I could remember the exact words he used, because I remember them being really cool. I don't. It was something along the lines of asking American's to stop spending unnecessarily. He talked about responsible spending, both in government and in our lives personally. Darn it ... why can't I remember??? Anyway, I liked it.

McCain gave me more meat in the carry out of his policies, which I appreciated. It still wasn't enough for me, so I've finally come to terms with the fAct that yes - the acceptance speech is not where they lay out their policies. Fine .... I'll continue to pay attention. It was interesting to me to hear his accusations about Obama's tax policy. I shall look farther into those accusations.

Okay, and seriouslly .... his acknowledgement of how the Republican party has screwed it up .... you have to love that. Some think it was out of place in his speech. I don't at all. Obviouslly a lot of American's have lost faith in the Republican party as a whole. Even more, they are hearing Obama promise "Change". So for him to admit that Republicans messed up is crucial. He's got to convince people that change can happen even with another Republican in office.

So, the bad .... well, he's old. Maybe that shouldn't matter, and I'm not saying it does. He's not very motivating. Obviouslly, I can barely remember most of what he said (which is more my fault than it is his, I'm sure). Again, shouldn't matter. He screwed up with his first wife ... still, maybe shouldn't matter. For my liking, he holds on a little too tightly to "war" being the answer to protect America. Like I said before, I feel safe knowing he will protect our country .... but I feel like "war" is at the tip of his tongue too quickly in trying to protect us.

He spoke about education too, and having "power in choice" for parents. I like that he wants schools to have to answer to parents and students, not government .... but how??? He didn't give me enough convincing arguments on that one. Same with the housing market, not enough. Then there is health insurance. He certainly didn't give me enough to work with on this one. I'm still very unclear about his views on health care period, let alone what he's going to do about it. I guess what he and Obama were both getting at - is that it's a mess, and it needs to be fixed. So, the good new is, I believe, there will be change in these areas no matter who is elected. It's WHAT that change will be is what we all (especially me who maybe is the only person who still doesn't understand their policies) need to be focusing in on these next couple of months.

Well, Letterman just came on and is making fun of McCain. That is much more interesting to me than anything I could say ... so I think I will watch him instead.

Haha .... Letterman just said that McCain is so old, that his blood type has been discontinued. Very funny. Arm thing ... not funny. Age .... funny.


petiteblogger said...

Hi there! I've been enjoying your journey through the candidates, so to speak. It's interesting to see them through your eyes and I appreciate that you're trying to understand what each candidate is for and all about.
When we get together for our coffee with the girls, we can chat about our impressions together... :)

Jody Britton said...

Haha. Thanks Amber. I'm glad you are enjoying my attempt at understanding politics. Understanding is a long shot for me ... but I'll do what I can. :)

Lindsay Boyle said...

Well said Jody. I appreciate your honesty... I think it's really important that we feel comfortable with the person that is going to lead our country both as a person and as a leader. I think the upcoming debates will be telling, and should help us all better understand the candidates positions on other important issues, not just where they stand on who said what and when.

I do agree about Governor Palin, she seems very polished, and really is the only one out of the 4 people in this race that has actually led a government (albeit a small government). If she and McCain are elected, maybe that will give her the foreign policy she needs to make a bid for the presidency in 2012 or 2016... This should be an interesting couple of months leading up to the election.