Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baby Britton Blurb

Eden came up to me just now with a mouth covered in chocolate. Here's how it went....

Eden - "Mommy, I know how to make chocolate milk a faster way than you."
(Mind you, the way I make it involves 1)Pouring milk in a glass, 2) Pouring chocolate syrup over milk, and 3) stirring. I could see why she thinks that takes a long time.)
Me - "Oh yeah? How is that?"
Eden - "First you put a bunch of chocolate chips in your mouth, then you suck on them for a really long time, then when they are soft enough - you spit them into a bowl and then you have chocolate milk!"
Me - "Oh, wow, is that why there is chocolate all over your face?"
Eden - "Nooooooooooo" :)
Said to myself - "I don't even want to know what the bowl looks like"

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rip Off .... AKA Halloween

Seriously, when did Halloween become such a cash cow??? I think I remember hearing somewhere that it was the #2 highest commercial holiday next to Christmas. And by commercial, I mean rip off.

Okay, so I'll start by admitting my flaw as a mother. I'M the one that bought into this "holiday" and thought my kids HAD to have this cute little costume and go around door to door getting candy for looking so cute. I wasn't allowed to trick-or-treat growing up, and never really understood why ... I think I'm starting to. Because Halloween is a rip off!

So now that my personal confession is done .... my kids have grown accustomed to purchasing the Halloween costume of their choice (again, because I started it 8 years ago). Well, 3 kids later, the $80-$130 (depending on their choices) seems to be a bit of a waste for one night of being cute. However, how do I explain this to my sweet little Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz as she starts tearing up in the store when I try explaining to her that Dorthy needs to go back to Kansas and Eden is going to have to pick something from the dress up bin at home FULL of years gone by costumes? BREAK MY MOMMY HEART why don't you?!?!?! So, here is what I was thinking of saying ....

Well, there are starving children in Africa, one of which is your brother, who could eat for a year on the amount that all your costumes cost. All that Halloween is, is one big rip off. We spend all this money for one night of fun. One night of fun which gives you nightmares from the neighbor boy (and mom) who did not get the memo that Bloody Faced Creatures are NOT cute. Not only do we buy the costumes, but the parents also have to purchase $30-$50 worth of candy for all the other kids that aren't theirs to come and look cute. Only then, the kids don't even get all the loot, because the parent's sort through it deciding everything but the blow pops, candy corn, and the fizzy sugar stuff is rotten and you can't have it or you'll die. The truth is, they want it all to themselves, of which they'll later regret when Thanksgiving and Christmas approach and they realize they are already up 10 pounds because they saved your life by eating your rotten candy and now have to go on a diet during the yummiest time of the year. So instead, how about you dress up in your prettiest dress which you look cuter than Dorothy in , and I'll go buy you 1, yes just 1, MEGA candy bar of your choice. Sound good?

No, I didn't say all of that .... just thought it. I did explain the starving children part. And I did explain that we had plenty of old costumes to choose from, and that this year we were going to try to be fun and creative rather than buying something. Now, if only I was creative..... The tears didn't stop, and the "WHYYYYYYYYY" continued. Finally, I told her that she'd have to talk to her father about it. (Which he told me to do as I was crying to him about not dressing up my cute little ones in their favorite TV characters, and how I felt like such a horrible mom for not giving them this one little thing.) Maybe to make up for it, I'll leave the Snicker bars in their buckets this year .... well, some of them.

Oh, and did I mention that Halloween is a RIP OFF?????

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Steel Cut Oats with extra Orange Juice Please

(This post is per my children's request.)

This morning Aaron was mixing himself some steel cut oats (fancy kind of oatmeal) for breakfast. After putting in just the right amount of brown sugar and raisins, he went to pour in the almond milk. Instead, he was a bit distracted by the children and picked up the orange juice instead. The result? Steel Cut Oats with extra Orange Juice. Yummy!!!

The kids, however, are STILL laughing about this mornings events.