Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baby Britton Blurb

So the other day I began to do a "for real" cleaning of the living room. You know, not the kind where you just shove everything in a corner, or a neat pile on the counter and call it clean -- but really cleaning. I enlisted the children to help me put things WHERE THEY BELONG (I stressed). As they got busy, I pulled out the real old fashioned broom. Not the swiffer vacuum, but the broom. Upon doing so, this is what my eldest child (Providence) says to me.

"Are we having people over or something??"

Guess I don't clean "for real" often enough. :)


Sharilyn said...

My kids say the same thing almost every time I clean too. (Maybe it is not often enough, granted.) I think they just associate that we clean when we are having company come. I remember asking the same thing when we had to clean growing up...(I was a teenager then) :)

lynjoyce said...

Oh, the same memories from my childhood.....I remember asking Mom the same question when we had to clean on a day different than our normal schedule. Thanks for keeping the tradition alive!

Jody Britton said... two are funny. See, there is no cleaning day here, so there is no tradition. Seems like the house only gets cleaned for company and house selling. :)