Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tooth Fairy and Snow Storms

I'm fired. As a tooth fairy that is.

Providence knows the truth about the tooth fairy, and is doing her best to be sure Eden and Sam don't buy into the same non-truth that she did for so many years. (And she's taking Santa, and The Easter Bunny down with the Tooth Fairy.)

So this morning, the morning after Eden's first tooth was buried under her pillow (with a sweet picture) in anticipation of the not real tooth fairy, all hope was lost. Sure enough, she believed her sister. She came out exclaiming to all that there was no money under her pillow. How sad. Aaron replied telling her that maybe the Tooth Fairy had forgot, or was coming after breakfast. The not so gullible child that she is, she stated, "No Daddy, Mommy forgot". Oh the pain .... take a knife to my heart. I felt SOOOOO horrible at forgetting such an important milestone in my Eden's life.

So now I'm left with this moral dilemma. Do I tell the truth that I forgot and plead for forgiveness with two dollars instead of just one? Or do I try to quick come up with a solution? Or do I put the money somewhere under her bed and tell her it must have fell down in her sleep? The problem with that option, is that she already saw the tooth wasn't taken. (I did this last option to Providence once ... that was the end of her belief.) Guess what I chose?

Option #2. I ran to my scrapbooking supplies and wrote with the calligraphy pen (so it wouldn't look like my writing) the following....

Dear Sweet Eden,
I'm sorry that this wasn't here when you woke this morning. There have been snow storms all across the country that are making it hard for me to fly. It makes it even harder because now I have to be sneaky in the daylight so children won't see me. Well, anyway, congratulations on losing your first tooth. Love, The Tooth Fairy

As we were all in the kitchen getting breakfast ready, I turned to Providence and quietly asked her to help me out. I handed her the note and money and asked her to run and put it under Eden's pillow, and to bring me her tooth. She looks up at me and says, "Okay, but is the tooth fairy really real?" WHAT???? There was still hope left in her? Arghhhh. Well, Aaron and I have always said we will play along in the make believe characters, but wouldn't outright lie to our children if asked directly. So....I had to shatter her last glimpse of hope in the reality of the Tooth Fairy. Double sting, double bladed knife.

Anyway, she runs and does what I've asked. After breakfast, she tells Eden to check again. Eden had lost all faith that she would be recieving money. After all, Mom & Dad have been sitting with her the whole time! So Provi runs in their room screaming, "Eden, come here, the tooth fairy is here NOW." I yell, "Don't look, if she sees you seeing her, she'll take you with her!" (Now I've made the Tooth Fairy into a kidnapping monster.) So Sam runs in. Aaron and I begin yelling, "No Sam! She'll take you too!" So now Eden is curious. She runs in too. She looks under her pillow, and what does she see? A DOLLAR! Only she turns to Provi and says, "I don't want this, it's your's." Provi defends herself, and Eden believes her. So then she instead accuses us of taking it from her money box because it looks like her other two dollar bills that she has. We urge her to look in her money box. Which she does. And to her delight, she sees her $2 safe and sound, and adds her third dollar to the mix.

Now she's beginning to believe again. She's already asked me if I wrote the note. Darn it, now I'm faced with that whole "outright question/outright lie" thing. My answer???? "Does that look like my writing?" A grin crosses her face and she runs off, happy again.

All is well in Tooth Fairy Land.


Dena said...

Sweet Eden! She's too young to be so jaded!!! I'm glad you saved the day....I'm also glad you got to address this issue of honesty and children. Our kids have been enjoying the anticipation of Santa coming on Christmas Eve and we've done little to encourage or discourage this little sweet fantasy. I think some childhood fantasy is good! It encourages imagination and anticipation! I've always said that I wouldn't lie to my's getting harder and harder to gloss over (as you did with your handwriting question from Eden) the questions from inquiring minds!

What I'm really trying to say (not so eloquently) is that I'm encouraged by seeing another family that isn't afraid to foster these fun childhood fancies. The Easter Bunny, Santa, and the Tooth Fairy are all whismical parts of a child-like attitude that we would be remiss in not cultivating in our children...or in our own hearts!!

Bmer and Kass said...

Well played momma Britton! I had to stifle my laughter as I read this at work :)

Carmine said...

Bravo and well done! I agree with what Dena said. Childhood innocence is lost too early, good on you for keeping it up without outright lying!

Your writing style has me in stitches. I couldn't stop laughing!

petiteblogger said...

Haha- I love that the toothfairy is a kidnapper, too. That was hilarious! Quick thinking, mom!

I'm glad the dream is still alive for sweet little Eden. Props to Providence for playing along, too. What a good big sister!