Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yummmmyyyyyy! (Baby Britton Blurb)

Providence made up a recipe today and brought me her "recipe card" asking if we could make it. Here is what it read -

1 1/2 tespoon of (kosher) salt
2 mash mellows
1 1/2 cinomon
1/3 tsp ginger
1 1/2 shugar
2 1/8 tsp BS (hehe .... I asked her what BS was - duh, it's baking soda!)
1 table spoon cream of tartar

Bake at 300 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

Sounds delicious!!!! I told her we'd have to pass on her made up recipe, but that she should keep trying. We made Oatmeals Scotchies instead. This met her approval.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Blogging about Blogging (WARNING - Long, and annoyingly overthinking post about blogging)

Last night a friend of mine and I were talking about the wonderful world of blogging. I thought I'd blog about it. :)

My friend was telling me about a conversation she was having with another friend of hers. They are both from a generation where blogs didn't exist, but journaling was highly valued. They were talking about the fact that my generation has chosen to not have a private journal, but rather a blog. She began to tell me her fear of these "online journals". In a private journal, you can truly lay it all out there, but not so on a blog. It worried her to see so many young people who seem so transparent on their blogs, yet you know there has to be more. Either 1) Someone appears to have it all together through the words in their posts, or 2) Someone appears to be so vulnerable, and not afraid to share the deepest parts of their souls. Both are equally dangerous for many reasons. In the first scenario, the danger lies in the pressure that so many feel to "live up" to a certain standard of life, personality, job, status, etc... To read a blog of someone who "has it all together" (or seemingly so at least) is so harmful to so many trying to break free of such pressure. The second option, is far more dangerous. This is because the person who has no problem sharing such depth of emotion and thought, usually has a deeper well of emotion to still drown in. Yet even this person knows that they cannot air ALL their junk to the public, especially were it to involve falling so short of the pressure I just talked about. (For example, marital problems, alchoholism, eating disorders, deep depression, etc.. ) Not only does one NOT share their deepest hurts, but most of the time, they can somehow convince themselves that because people know enough about their struggles in life, that it's enough. And scary as it is, this person can actually begin to shut down in their hearts the remaining 10 % left unshared. They again will feel isolated, or worse - supress the truth thinking they are dealing enough with their life through the 90% everyone does know about them. (Have I completely lost you???? Sorry.)

So, after that long conversation with her about it, I began to think on the reasons people blog. The best I can figure, and with no time for a formal survey :), I came up with 3 reasons that one chooses to do this bloggy thing. 1) For friends and family to stay up to date on ones life. Especially if they live far from family and friends. 2) For the purpose of making someone stop and think - be it about politics, religion, life, love, etc. This person will seldom include much personal information. (I view my hubbies blog a lot like this one.) And 3) As a form of journaling. This person desires community, desires for people to be involved in their lives, and desires input into their lifes (thus, comments). The extreme of this blogger usually isn't afraid to air their dirty laundry (well, some of it) and they figure if their life is too messy or too much for someone - well, then that someone should just stop reading it.

I'm 1 and 3. Aaron and I have had this conversation before (a few times), as I'm one that has a small filter at times. I definately lean toward "sharing too much" .... and a few times even wildly crossing the line to having definitely shared too much. There have been a few posts I've taken down as a result (once my filter kicks in that is), and also MANY that I've refrained from actually posting. Now here is where the difference is between what I blog about, and that extreme danger my friend was talking about for me personally .... I still have a PERSONAL journal. I think this is CRUCIAL in ones life to remain sane. I hope that people who read my blog (and any blog for that matter) know that there is so much more to me. Of course I'm not going to share my deepest darkest secrets with my open journal. But they do still need to come out, so thus, the private journal. As for the depth I do share, my heart is always to find others who there - and challenge their thinking, or to find others who've been there - and learn from their thinking (provided they leave a comment). :) There is a time and a place for everything ... this I understand. And you know what? Those deepest darkest secrets aren't meant to even be locked up in my Dear Diary. They are meant to be shared with either Aaron, or a trusted friend. We are created for community, and we are created to "bear one another's" burdens. A few things ....

If you are the person who shuts down the remaining 10% .... stop it! It won't go away! I have that "addictive personality", which means I know, and have lived the danger of shutting down. One has to shut down to grow addicted to anything. And if you want to meet me for coffee, I will gladly share this part of my life in greater detail.... but just trust me when I say - shutting down leads to nothing but trouble. So pull out a private journal, write it down - then find a friend.

My generation (in general) was raised with a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Most of us were taught to no burden others with our burdens. We were taught that there are just things you don't talk about with others (especially many others online). I think that was a disservice to my generation. I think one of the reasons blogging has become so popular, is that my generation is fighting back. We are desperate to be heard, we are desperate to be real, we are desperate to know others have been there (or are there), we are desperate to be challenged and to challenge others, we are desperate to live these grace filled lives - and we recognize that it starts with admitting to the world that we are human. Can I just say ... I LOVE that about my generation ?! However, in that, I do see the many dangers that we face. We are either too much, or not enough - so we shut down. We offend others with our words - so we say we don't care and thus cause others pain and in turn build new walls. We are able to feel like we are sharing our lives "enough" to think we are being real - but then when it all hits the fan, we isolate ourselves thinking no one will understand, or become afraid of what they'll think of us.

What exactly am I getting at with this oh so very longggggggggggggggggggggggggggg post??? I don't really know. I think to maybe point out a few things to remember as we move forward in our little blog communities - 1) There's always more to the story. 2) We are designed for community, and a real one - not an online one. DON'T let this be it! 3) If you don't have a filter, grow one. 4) Give as much grace to yourself as you do to others. It's what our generation is striving for! 5) Allow blogs of those you know in real life, to be a foundation for conversation over coffee .... because back to point 1 ... there is always more to the story!

**Sorry for thinking too deeply about this subject. I will now return to normal broadcasting.**

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Garage Door Living

That's it. That's all the life I see of most of the people on my street. Their garage doors. I know they are alive, because I see the garage door going up and down at various times. How did we become a culture of pulling out of our garage in the morning, only to return back to it in the evening. Up, down, up, down. That's it.

I remember as a kid being out in the street until my name was called for either food or bed. All the kids on the block knew each other and played with each other. No organized play dates, no structured activity center, no closed garages, just pure fun in the middle of the street. While I realize that a few areas may still be like this, I personally haven't managed to live in one since my childhood. (And I've moved 11 times in the last 9 years alone.)

Well, I'm tired of it. I've lived in my house now for almost 4 years, and still haven't met most of them. (4 to be exact are all that I could tell you the names of .... maybe 1 neighbor per year is doing pretty good.) So a few weeks ago, I decided to move on an idea of a block party. I asked my next door neighbor if she would help me with the planning and cooking. Food always brings in a crowd! We made flyers, planned a main course, and actually pulled it off. And while 50 invitations were sent (that's how many houses are on my street), all of about 10 families showed up. Including kids, about 35 people gathered on my front lawn eating, talking and leaving our garage door openers at home. It was good. I'm glad to have met so many new people. And it was so fun watching 15 children on their bikes in the street at the same time. (Oh, and everyone who came brought a side dish, dessert, or drink ... they left it all behind. Beer anyone??? HAHA)

I think I'll make it an annual event. I hope my the neighbors I met tonight will at least wave from here on out before they close their garage door.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New outfit

How do you like my blogs new outfit??? I love it! Thanks to a good friend, Lindsay Boyle, I no longer have a boring blog site. Plus, you can see my beautiful family now every time you read my blog. (Well, except for Angie and Lindsay who just have me on an RSS feed .. or something like that.) :) Hope you like the new look!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Under Construction .... ARGGGGGHHHHH

Yes, my blog looks a little silly right now. So would you though if you weren't wearing anything. :)

I wish I knew how to do technical stuff. It's probably not even all that technical ... but for me, it is. Hopefully soon my blog will be wearing a new pretty outfit. Until then, I won't post anything else so you don't have to look at my hideous face!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby Britton Blurb

Yes....another one.

Tonight Eden was playing in Eden land (where she often is). I think she was playing coffee shop, or something of the sorts. I began working at Starbucks a few weeks ago, and to make up for the lack of sleep - I end up driving through for a little pick me up in the afternoons. Maybe I've driven through one too many times .... as here is what I heard coming from Eden land....

Eden - "Um, yes, I'd like a grande with a coffee maker and an extra shot of lemonade."

(My afternoon drink is often a grande iced coffee with sugar free vanilla and a little bit of cream. I see how she made the translation to her new drink. :) )

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baby Britton Blurb

I don't do these as often as Aaron because to be honest, I don't slow my thoughts down long enough to catch the pure humor in most things my kids say. I wish I could focus in more on the words coming out of their mouths though, as they are rather funny. Anyway ... enough about my drama....

So tonight, I bring an overflowing basket of folded kids laundry into the girls room and ask the them to help me put away their clothes. The response from the girls....

Provi - "Oh yes, I've been waiting for clean pants. Thanks mom."

Eden - "Thanks Cinderella"

WHAT???? Well, at least she sees the truth in the deal here. :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mom Britton for President

That's it, I'm writing myself in for President. Actually, I'm writing in my friend Johanna ... she made one of the best comments I've heard in a long time ...

She said she "wishes that people would respect the right of women to have children, as much as they respect the right of women to not have children".

This is another post .....

McCain Mama??? Not yet ...

I know, I said that I would post about McCain's speech after he gave it. Well, it's after he gave it. Unfortunately, it's long enough after the fact, that I barely remember my thoughts on it ... which perhaps is a bad sign in and of itself.

First, I remember being confused at the beginning. I could not at all figure out why everyone kept chanting "USA ... USA ... USA ..." every 3rd word. Then, when I watched some of a replay later, I realized that it was due to protesters. It was annoying at the time. I started thinking that Republican's were just a bunch of dorky copy catters from Obama's speech. But, now that I think about it, maybe that's why they kept chanting that during Obama's speech too. Hmmm, well, now that I'm caught up on the rules of attending an acceptance speech ....

I've overheard a lot of people making fun of McCains arm motions (or lack there of) since his speech. If this is you, let me just say - "shame on you!". I overheard someone making fun of him the other day, and I couldn't help myself any more. I turned to them and said "His arms are the way they are because he fought for YOU". Remember that folks when we watch SNL making fun of him too.

Back to the speech. There was a safety that I felt while watching McCain. If you remember, I stated that I felt Obama was a wolf in sheeps clothing. I never had any such feeling in regards to the safety of America with McCain. And while they have different issues that they are passionate about protecting, I must say ... I was feeling a little "safer" in the hands of McCain. Perhaps my feeling of safety isn't a big issue ... but I thought I'd make mention of it since I did in regards to Obama.

I felt like McCain talked a bit much about the war ... both the current war, future wars, and the war he was in. Mostly because it doesn't make a huge difference to me in this election. I know it does to a lot of people, but it doesn't to me. The things of war are above and beyond my comprehension....I know, pathetic. But hey, baby steps here in my pursuit of understanding such things.

Maybe I should back up a bit in the RNC, as some of it meant more to me than McCains speech itself. Giuliani was highly inappropriate in many things that he said, but I think he was supposed to say such things. Let me tell you one thing I did agree with though, was his comment about people coming down on Palin because she is a woman that cannot be there for her family if she is VP. He said, "No one would ever say that about a man". Loved it! Because that is one of my huge issues with Obama (on a personal level, not so much political). He won't be there for his girls if he is in office, but no one is saying anything about that. That, however, is one of the first things I thought about Obama. He stands up there telling us how he lived without a dad, blah blah blah ... but what people don't realize in his "big talk" about family values, is that he is NOT valuing his family in taking this step in his career right now. His wife is so involved with his campaign too, that to be honest, I fear for his young daughters. Just because his grandparents raised him, doesn't mean that his daughters grandparents should raise them. (I know, some of you may think I'm taking that too far ... but family and children is the number one value to Aaron and I in our lives ... so it just happens that way.) Take it back to Palin though .... and Giuliani's sentiment sticks ... no one asks such questions about a man. And let me just say, I think Palin is AMAZING! I sort of wish she was running for President. There is something about her, that makes me think it doesn't matter what her role is in life as a professional - her kids will know her, and know they are loved. Besides that, for both Obama and Palin ... their children are NOT an issue in this campaign (or shouldn't be in my opinion). It is never our place to judge someone elses choices in life in regards to how they work, raise their children, etc.... We don't know what happens behind the camera.

Back to politics .... McCain said a few things I was saying I wanted to hear. He spoke to the need for Americans to be responsible. I wish I could remember the exact words he used, because I remember them being really cool. I don't. It was something along the lines of asking American's to stop spending unnecessarily. He talked about responsible spending, both in government and in our lives personally. Darn it ... why can't I remember??? Anyway, I liked it.

McCain gave me more meat in the carry out of his policies, which I appreciated. It still wasn't enough for me, so I've finally come to terms with the fAct that yes - the acceptance speech is not where they lay out their policies. Fine .... I'll continue to pay attention. It was interesting to me to hear his accusations about Obama's tax policy. I shall look farther into those accusations.

Okay, and seriouslly .... his acknowledgement of how the Republican party has screwed it up .... you have to love that. Some think it was out of place in his speech. I don't at all. Obviouslly a lot of American's have lost faith in the Republican party as a whole. Even more, they are hearing Obama promise "Change". So for him to admit that Republicans messed up is crucial. He's got to convince people that change can happen even with another Republican in office.

So, the bad .... well, he's old. Maybe that shouldn't matter, and I'm not saying it does. He's not very motivating. Obviouslly, I can barely remember most of what he said (which is more my fault than it is his, I'm sure). Again, shouldn't matter. He screwed up with his first wife ... still, maybe shouldn't matter. For my liking, he holds on a little too tightly to "war" being the answer to protect America. Like I said before, I feel safe knowing he will protect our country .... but I feel like "war" is at the tip of his tongue too quickly in trying to protect us.

He spoke about education too, and having "power in choice" for parents. I like that he wants schools to have to answer to parents and students, not government .... but how??? He didn't give me enough convincing arguments on that one. Same with the housing market, not enough. Then there is health insurance. He certainly didn't give me enough to work with on this one. I'm still very unclear about his views on health care period, let alone what he's going to do about it. I guess what he and Obama were both getting at - is that it's a mess, and it needs to be fixed. So, the good new is, I believe, there will be change in these areas no matter who is elected. It's WHAT that change will be is what we all (especially me who maybe is the only person who still doesn't understand their policies) need to be focusing in on these next couple of months.

Well, Letterman just came on and is making fun of McCain. That is much more interesting to me than anything I could say ... so I think I will watch him instead.

Haha .... Letterman just said that McCain is so old, that his blood type has been discontinued. Very funny. Arm thing ... not funny. Age .... funny.