Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm Famous ... and I can't homeschool.

I wrote another post that has been published on Rocky Mountain Moms Blog Site called WiiFat. Read it if you want!

On to another post .....
We are officially done homeschooling. Turns out it's not my thing. I can't even tell you how much I respect the women who can and do homeschool their children. It was fine for me, until Malachi came home. I was no longer able to balance our days with a 20 lb lump of cuteness attached to my hip. Aaron and I decided that the kids would be going to school next year. I began to talk this over with a couple of friends. They both questioned me as to why we were waiting. Why not put them in now?

After much thought and prayer, we came to the decision to do just that.... put them in now. As much as I truly enjoy having them home, it is probably best for them to go back now. I don't regret trying homeschooling. As difficult as it was, much good has come of it. Especially between Providence and I. She and I have always had a hard time seeing eye to eye. I believe we have a new respect and understanding of each other that could have only come through her being home for the first 3/4 part of her 3rd grade year. It was also a bonus to have the kids around to bond with Malachi. I think it really made his transition much smoother ... on all of us. However, w/ CSAPS (Colorado State testing that starts in 3rd grade), it seemed more logical to have her do this with classmates instead of me trying to figure out how to have it done and even harder...prepare her for it. As for Eden, 1/2 day M-F at Kindergarten will make her transition a bit smoother in to full day school next year. Eden, I think, will also do better with a bit of, well, competition (for lack of a better word). That, and we may as well ease them into it with the remainder 3 months of school, rather than having to school them through the summer to get "caught up" as well as have it hanging over all our heads that much longer. Quick like a bandaid, right? (Side note on the caught up thing ... I was so worried that the girls would be behind because of how many days off we have had. I asked the teacher for some worksheets to see where they are at. HAHAHAHA. Yeah, it's not an issue. I think we were a grade ahead. Oh wait, we were. We had mostly 4th grade cirriculum for Providence.)

When we first told the girls about our decision, Providence seemed a bit sad. It didn't take long for the truth to come out as to why she felt so. "Homeschooling is more fun. We don't have to do anything most of the time", says Providence. haha. Well, yes, that is the truth the last few months. She did come back to me later in the day to tell me that she had been thinking about it, and decided it's a good idea. Eden told me she doesn't like homeschooling anyway, and asked if she could have a playdate with all the new friends she will make at school. Needless to say, they both are excited now. I am a little concerned about how Eden will really respond when the reality of school sets in.... but she'll get it figured out.

To be honest, yes, I do feel a bit like a failure .... like this was one more thing I couldn't do. Luckily, I can rationalize that away most of the time in my head to just see the truth in what is going on. I didn't exactly set myself up for sucess by starting homeschooling this year. (3rd grader, Kinder-kid, pre-k, new adopted child, house on the market at the beginning, wow....) Had I started when Providence entered (K), things might look different. Shoulda, coulda, woulda, huh? Oh well. It is what it is, and I have peace about it now. I suppose that is what is important. I never was married to the idea, just knew I would always wonder "what if" were I to not at least try. . Now I know. The thing that keeps boggling my mind is when I remember back to the peace I had when I made the decision to homeschool. I guess I did, and there was a reason for our trial and error phase. I just hate that my kids have to be drug through my trial and error and peace/no peace phases. Luckily they have rubber butts! (In other words...they'll bounce right back.) I on the other hand just have a fat butt .... wait .... (now doesn't that go along with my WiiFat post??? Just had to plug that one more time.)

Well, I'm off to turn in the registration forms .... the girls will start this Wednesday if all goes as planned. Wow.... next year will sure look different. Going from 4 kids at home right now, to just 1 at home next year. Crazy. What will I do with all my free time???? haha

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