Sunday, March 22, 2009


Today I was outside doing yard work to prepare for the spring/summer/gardening months ahead. As I was doing so, I stumbled across some hibernating wasps and the nests they live/plot their evil schemes against me and my children in. So ..... off to the store I ran for the wasp killer, then enlisted The Terminator and his trusty sidekick to take care of them.

We found 2 huge nests in this electrical box out back. It is the same box where the attack on my poor babies stemmed from this past summer.

Here is Sam, the trusty Sidekick. Notice the "mask" over his face. So tough.

The Terminator himself, with his Trusty Sidekick.

The Result .....
Dead, dead, and more dead wasps.
My hero!

I truly believe there is a special place in Hades for these creatures. Just sayin'.

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Anonymous said...

you have so much trouble with those nasty things!