Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PB & J Funk

(Disclaimer: If you don't have a) children, b) children eating PB & J, or c) eat PB & J yourself .... move along to the next post you have to read in your busy blog reading day.)

I don't know about you, but I grew a dislike for PB & J YEARS ago. Probably around the same age that my own children grew their dislike for it .... around the age of 4 or 5. However, as a mom, the timeless PB & J remains to be one of the cheapest, easiest, and healthiest things I can seem to be able to get my kids to eat. (Again, till about the age of 5. Provi (age 8) wants nothing to do with the childhood nonsense.)

However, as I was clipping coupons this weekend, I ran across a recipe to add a twist to the dying sandwich. I didn't write it down, thus this is just the idea.... If you need a real recipe for PB & J ... well, sorry. Perhaps you should just go buy the Crustables. :)

Anyway, grab the small flour tortillas. Layer one side with peanut butter. Sprinkle w/ granola (we had french vanilla almond granola on hand, so I used that), follow with some mini chocolate chips (yes, I realize this takes the "healthiest thing I can get my kids to eat" out of the equation, but oh well), layer black cherry jelly (I don't know why it called for this rather than grape, but I used it) on another tortilla. Smoosh sides together, cut in quarters with a pizza cutter. Serve!

Walla ... PB & J restored!

YUM! Even Provi loved them. More than that .... I loved them! So, be sure to make enough for mom!


piecesofmoments said...

that blew my mind.
i dunno...call me old school but i still love me some pb&j. but this fancied-up version is right up my alley.

Angie said...

Crazy. My girls can't get enough PB&J here and I almost hate to rock the boat. That sounds slightly more complicated than I'm willing to take it until absolutely necessary.

I might have to try it on the sly because it does sound good.

But! Have you ever had GRILLED PB&J? Yummy.

Sharilyn said...

sounds kinda yummy, we'll have to try it.