Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Showers Bring ......

...April Snow. At least in Colorado. A few weeks back, we got dumped with about a foot or two of snow. My entire front walkway is covered with tulips. This year I'm expecting 100-200 in bloom! Needless to say, snow is not a welcomed event on my walkway. It's unavoidable though. Anyway, a few weeks ago, the tulips only were showing about 5 inches of their strong leaves, and thus did not require any covering.

Tonight is a different story. They are showing a foot of leaves, stems, and buds that were going to open any day. And now, beginning in a few short hours, we are under a winter storm warning that holds the potential to be the worst storm we've seen all winter. It is expected to bring a wet, heavy, 10-24 inches of snow. How sad. This time around, I was forced to find a way, as ridiculous as it looks, to try to protect my helpless flowers. I might be forced to cry if I lost them because of this storm. They are incredibly fragile right now. I snapped one poor little one just trying to cover them. (And why am I talking about flowers like they are "My Precious" or something? Hmmm .... something is wrong with me.)

Hopefully the coverings are enough. And hopefully the weather man was right, otherwise I will be the laughing stock of all the neighbors. Oh well.


Kristina said...

That is really funny! Tulips are my favorite flower, I love them!

Sarah said...

Thats awesome!!!