Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Celebrations and Bees

Easter has come and gone. We had a great Easter this year. It was incredibly meaningful to me, and hopefully to the kids as well. As with this past Christmas and Halloween, I've been reminded that the kids are still young enough, that they expect only as much as I do around holidays. In years past, I'm fairly certain I made a bigger deal out of buying new Easter outfits (that will never be worn again) than I have out of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Pitiful. We skipped the Easter outfits this year for my hearts focus more than anything else. And what grabbed my attention in this, is that the kids never asked about it. We'd walk through the stores and they would see the sweet dresses and ties and hats, and never ask when they got to get there's. Huh. Well, I'm glad they are not accustomed to that tradition. Aside from the fact that those clothes have little to do with Easter, it'll save me about $100 every spring. Ouch! What did we do then? We talked a lot about spring, the beauty of new life, appreciating the weather (as strange as it is in CO), and anticipating the true meaning of Easter. Most meaningful, I think, would be the Resurrection eggs. It's sort of like Advent for Easter. 12 days prior to Easter, the kids got to open an Easter Egg that held a small item for them to begin to picture the time leading up to the Empty Tomb and a piece of paper explaining it with a scripture verse attached. We did it several years ago, but this year, the 3 older ones really got it! It was sweet to watch their excitement as we learned what all went into what Jesus did for us. We did do an Easter Egg hunt on the Saturday before Easter. Then finished with one of the best worship services I've ever had the privilege of sitting through. I felt so blessed to be there. (And the worship leader was really cute!)

All in all, we've had a sweet, Christ-centered few weeks that I wouldn't trade for all the pretty dresses on the shelves. Here's some pictures that I captured of our times together.

Okay, so this picture has nothing to do with Easter, but Eden makes the funniest faces, I had to start with this.

Providence had a magazine that held a recipe for Peanut Butter Bumble Bees. For someone so afraid of this form of creature (too close to the wasp), I was surprised I agreed to this project. They were yummy though. We formed the bee, then drizzled chocolate for the stripes, chocolate chips for the eyes, and almonds for the wings.

Provi and Sam are pretending the tray of finished bees are chasing them. Not so funny in my opinion. I remember it happening in real life all too well last summer. Only, the bees weren't made of peanut butter, and they weren't bees either. They were wasps! Okay, enough about that. :)

The Easter Egg Hunt! (Malachi's first!!!) I got to hide the eggs. I love doing it. Aaron thinks I'm a little weird in that I find a small amount of pleasure hiding them in 1)hard places, and 2) places that I think make me hilarious. I am hilarious. This hiding place proves it. :)

Then there were the bird feeders that housed an egg of the same color. So sneaky!!!

Are they balls? Are they maracas? Are the eggs? All of the above if you ask Malachi. Upon realizing that the eggs broke open and there were yummy things inside, his "hunt" ended. The eating began!

Eden found the Golden Egg! Now if only I knew what the story was behind the Golden Egg, that would probably be more meaningful. Oh well, Eden was thrilled!

Sam found the ball-like eggs! He's asking if he can have it, because I told the kids that there were big ball eggs laying out in the open that were for Malachi. However, Sam found this one cleverly hidden under the actual soccer ball though. Yes Sam, it's yours!

Provi was having a hard time realizing that this year, the eggs weren't all hidden on the ground like years past. Do you spot the egg she was missing???? Look up!

Happy Easter! He is Risen!

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