Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm not down with that, yo.

Wuddup yo? How you been? I'm dope.

Seriously, if I actually just said that, everyone (and their motha) would be making so much fun of me. Yet, there are so many that attempt to use slang as their way of communication. I have no problem with such language, just the people that try to use it. It works for some, but not for most ... especially us older folks. Okay, and maybe not some younger ones either. Too bad that by the time I realized the kid who called me "Phat" really meant I was cool, my eating disorder was already out of control. (kidding)

This all came about in my mind last night for 2 reasons. One, I heard an older, professional business man use terms he just shouldn't be. Very funny. I still laugh when I think about it. And two, on the TV I heard for the first time of an "artist" called Flo Rida. (I'm probably not even spelling that right, I know nothing about this person ... don't even know if it is a man or woman.) But I began to laugh and throw down my shizzalator lingo. Yeeeeaaa. I (very sarcastically) said to Aaron:

"Haha, get it? Flo Rida, like I'm from the state of Florida, and Flo Rida, like I ride the flow, yo."

Aaron just laughed at me. He said it really was just about the state of Florida, and the play on the word "flow". Whatever, what does he know? He's not down with us peeps anyway, dog.

Anyway, back to reason one why I'm writing such a ridiculous post.... Maybe there comes an age when it just sounds stupid to talk this way. Maybe it's just where you grew up that makes it okay. You know, all you homies from the South Side. (Or is it East???) I don't know why some people who never used to talk in such a fashion, feel the need to be cool by doing so ... um, I mean TRY to be cool. It makes me laugh every time! From the phrase, "Oh snap" (sorry shnukums), even to the ever popular word, "awesome". Okay, so I know, awesome? Really? That doesn't really fit into the same category as Snoop Dogg 101. But it is still one of those words that when I hear someone like, oh, my mom (sorry mom) use ... cracks. me. up! That became one of those words that was overly used, thus turned into a meaning of only midly cool and usually holds sarcastic undertones... no longer actually awesome. That's why it's funny to hear some people use that word - they are still trying to use it for it's literal translation. I digress.

There is nothing wrong with trying to stay "hip", or for a better term - relevant. Just don't dig outside your roots to do so. This coming from the mom of 4 currently wearing the chunky Lisa Loeb glasses that I'm positive people make fun of behind my back. But you know what? I wore Lisa Loeb glasses before Lisa Loeb did. Always have! I'm so down with staying fly.

Anyway, can you dig it? I'll stop talkin' smack now bout all you playas. I know you feel me. Word. Peace out.


BMer916 said...

why you hatin? i'm not feelin' the luv homie. it's aiight though, i ain't stressin', i'm down. i know you're just playin'.


Lindsay Boyle said...

I am personally offended by your post :-)

Carmine said...

Really? It was so hard to read this post. I know I'm getting old, I don't get a lot of the new lingo (ESPECIALLY the texting lingo). Srsly? C U l8tr.

Andy said...

Hey there groovy chick, don't be such a square. I dig that hip lingo -- it's super cool in a far out way.

petiteblogger said...

I think you look very hip in your glasses. I couldn't pull it off... :)

Sharilyn said...

Current pic of said glasses? did get your photos thanks!