Saturday, May 9, 2009

I HEART Garage Sales

I've been feeling a little bit like I'm being swallowed whole by clutter. I don't like that. Most of the clutter is the kids stuff .... so what's a mom to do, really? I've been trying to figure out if the problem is too much stuff (again, kids stuff), or not enough storage space. It's both probably. One other issue I've been having is the placement of our computer. I have an "office" area set up in our bedroom. However, the computer kept sticking out it's legs and walking over to the kitchen counter. After a while, I stopped trying to contain it back in it's home. Thus it has sat next to our kitchen sink for several months just begging for a drink of water. The fact that we refused for so long is only through the grace of God.

Blah, blah, blah. I love garage sales! This weekend was the jackpot for me! One of the towns near me had their town garage sales. I've gone the last several years and always leave happy. This year was no different! Look what I found !!!!

A cute little desk, which matches my home perfectly I might add, for our computer to sit in the kitchen with us where it likes to ... only not next to the sink. $10 !!! I guess it used to have a hutch of sorts on it, so the whole top portion has no paint on it. I was more than thrilled to use the black scarf that came from Ethiopia as a cover up!

Now here is a shot of what I was talking about before with the kids. Too much stuff, not enough storage ... times 4 kids. Ugh. Here is a before garage sale shot of the boys room.

6 trash bags later (this included the girls room getting cleaned too) and one little toy chest later, this is what it looks like now....

Before the toy chest, this was the norm for the boys toys. There was nothing else to do with them.

Red chest solution .... $3. (Plus it came with a ton of little boy soldier, dragon, dinosaur toys that the kids have not stopped playing with. Great .... more toys! Oh well, there's a place to store them now!)
Here is the girls room now. There are no before pictures, because it was just wrong in so many ways. The girls needed to purge some things for sure. (Which asking Eden to throw away anything ... especially receipts and clothing tags ... is pure torture. Seriously, the child acts as if you are making her give up her first born.) Other things just got moved to the toy room. On top of that, I feel like with Providence being almost 9, it's time to start moving out some of the little girl things and bring in some tween things. (I hate that word, tween. Why did I use it then??? Dunno.) For their room, I found this great neon green butterfly chair with matching pillows and a large storage bag (not pictured). $10 for all of it! They love it! I even caught Provi reading in it today ... not even prompted by Aaron or I to do so!

Besides all that, I also found some brand new shoes for Malachi -$3. One of those tricycles that you can push until the child knows how to ride on their own - $5. A Leapster Video Game thing that had only been used two times - $5. And a bunch of board books for M! Yippee!

Anyway, I know most people don't care about the condition of my kids rooms, or my garage sale finds ... but for the few of you (hi mom, hi sisters!) I know you can share in my excitement!

Now the question remains ... how long until the toys are all over the floor again anyway despite their new found homes? Have you ever seen that sign that says,
" My house was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it." ???
Now I have proof. :)

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Carmine said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! It does get overwhelming, and you have twice the kids that I do! You did a really nice job getting stuff organized!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics! The rooms look so neat and organized now. We went through the same thing a couple of years back - between 5-10 garbage bags full of JUNK that just had to go. The boys loved the free space that was left more than the "stuff" they thought they loved. Ask them now what was thrown away then and none of us could tell you. It was not missed at all!

Good job!

Kristina said...

I love garage sales too! I also love thrift stores...really any type of bargin. I also love to organize, though you might not know by looking at the current state of my living room. I think the desk was the best find...I love it!

Anonymous said...



Sharilyn said...

Great finds!!! I totally love Garage sales too!! I got a complete eddie bauer outdoor volleyball net set for $3 last weekend!! And a few other blessings from the Lord too!! Does mom really garage sale now?