Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stupid Kids (and yes, stupid is a bad word and one should not use it)

There are a handful of things I dread about my kids getting older. One of them being stupid kids. Perhaps that is the overarching drive behind all my fears ... but whatever.

Tonight I tucked the girls in, and about 30 minutes later, I hear sobs coming from their room. I go in, and to my surprise, it's my tough girl Providence. I asked her what was wrong. She said she was scared. I asked why. She said that she was scared about a story a girl told her at school. I asked what the story was about. (Okay, and I asked who told it to her, because there has been one little girl in particular who thinks she's an adult - and her parents encourage it, I think. Provi told me this girl was reading the Twilight books, AND saw the movie. WHAT??? Anyway ....) She said .... Bloody Mary. Ho-hum. Do you remember that horror story as a kid? I sure do. Only ... I don't remember being that young when I first heard it. I remember the sleepover where I first heard it, and I really feel like it was junior high. Maybe not ... I don't know. I know that at that same party, we were using a Wji board, and trying to hold seances, and playing "light as a feather, stiff as a board". (Mental note - no sleepovers ... EVER.) I shudder as I think of how many doors that childhood nonsense opened in my heart and mind. And now it is my daughter dealing with it. I'm so thankful she had the openess to tell me about it. I'm always afraid my kids will fear getting in trouble for things other kids are putting on them ... I digress.

So what's a mom to do??? Of course pray for her, pray with her. I fear ever having to tell my children any of my failures in this life, and yet I feel like it will be necessary at times. This was one of those times, and I was actually thankful for my not-always-so-innocent childhood. I was able to look her in the face and without her having to replay the story out of her sweet little lips ask her, "wasn't there a mirror in the story?"
"Yes", she wimpers.
"Do you see any mirrors in here?"
"No", she breathes in.
"Well that is that. But then, you know what else? That story has been around since I was a girl, and probably longer. And you know what else?"
"What?", sniffling now.
"I was actually ... don't ever say this word ... stupid enough to try it! I looked into that mirror and said it, and look at me. I'm here. THE STORY WASN'T TRUE!"
"Do you want me to pray with you?"
"Yes", she says calming now.
Then we talked about her "rainbow dream"....that is our phrase for something sweet that we want to dream about that we can fall asleep thinking about. (Because counting sheep just didn't work.) She chose Candy Land. (Not the board game, but a story she is writing where the trees are made of skittles, and the trunks are made of bacon .... her favorite. :) Yum, skittles minjon!)

This was one time where God used my mistakes to calm my child, and for that I'm thankful. I only pray she takes my word for it with many other things ....

I'm not ready for this part of parenting ..... my baby is growing up .... the world is more twisted than it was when I grew up .... innocence is being lost younger and younger. Lord help me!


piecesofmoments said...

Gosh. I never thought about it, but dang...having to know that your child will go through some of the same things you did and there is nothing you can do to stop it must be kind of anxiety inducing at times. But also, check that out - your own fear back in our childhood dayz was redeemed and used to cancel out what could have been more pervasive fear now. And who lets their 8 year old read Twilight?! Sheesh!


Kristina said...

I remember those jr. high sleepovers...I wouldn't go into a dark room with a mirror for a long time.
Provi seems to young to have to deal with that:(
Watch thing that girl will be seeing is the new Harry Potter looks too scary for me.

Angie said...

Finally read this since it's not dark out. :)

Good job handling that, Jody. I learned this year in PRESCHOOL how much I can't control my kids learn and hear about. It really freaks me out. I'm sorry Prov had to learn about this so early on. I was in 8th grade - at Lisa Marini's house. I remember it so clearly! And like I told you, it has stuck with me for a long time.

Oh... and Bacon and Skittles? Together? Ewww! ;)