Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hello 30 !

It was a good day today. It was the last day of my 20's. Tomorrow I'm 30. Aaron thinks 30 is old. Not me. I'm hoping that with the tens place being a 3 .... people that are 1-9 years older than me will no longer refer to me as a "youngin", or "just a babe". I've always said that I feel like a 35 year old. I've got 5 years left to be the age I feel.

30 seems to be a number that a lot of people dread these days. Hallmark has declared 30 as "Over the Hill" in most of their cards. Men and women now have their midlife crisis in their 30's. I think it's all a little silly. Me? I like getting older. I like the few gray hairs I have. With age, Lord willing, comes wisdom. With age comes more life. I like wisdom (although I'm not sure I hold much of it). I like life .... I like my life ! I don't mind that my 20's - the best decade (or so they say) of my life is gone. In fact, I'm sort of convinced that the next decade will hold just as much joy as the last ... and possibly more.

In a nutshell - here's what I'm saying good-bye to as I enter my 30's. In my 20's I got married to my high school sweetheart (okay, so I was actually one month short of 20 for that one), moved 10 times, bought my first house, birthed my first child, mourned the loss of my second child never to be held by me, birthed my third child, birthed my fourth child, adopted my fifth child, made more friends than I can count, lost a few I miss, learned more about love, tried to find new hobbies - gardening, sewing, knitting, cooking - some of them stuck, homeschooled my children, swam in the ocean for the first time, climbed my first 14-er, left the US for the first time (to Mexico), left the US again (to Ethiopia), fluctuated close to 250 pounds when adding all the gains and losses together (that's disgusting!), lived in 3 different states, changed jobs 3 times (okay, so they were Aaron's job ... but in the Ministry, I've come to count it as my job too), found new passions, gave up some old passions, learned more about forgiveness, learned more about Grace, ate fondue, saw the Grand Canyon for the first time, learned to snowboard (okay, so I just did it once, whatever), sang on 3 CD's (yes, you can have my autograph - for $5), started running, stopped running, saw my first funnel cloud (that was just last week), grew more passionate about the things that really matter, had a really really bad ear infection, thought 2 days in the hospital was sort of a mini-vacation, celebrated 10 years with my high-school sweetheart and best friend (again, one month short, whatever), tried my hand at a network marketing company (which, did you know that something like 85% of Americans do??), managed a coffee-shop, worked in HR, worked for Starbucks (they only hire 15% of all applicants .... must have been that management thing going for me), felt deep sorrow, felt deep joy, opened my home to 5 people (not related to me) to live with me - and loved it, saw llama's mate (that was weird ... I looked away), led or co-led many small groups of women, learned how to play poker, went to Vegas, had to move back in with my parents (with 2 children and one on the way), read my first "big" novel ... then lot's more, started 2 blogs, started to eat (and like) peppers and beans, and fell more in love with my Savior. (Oh, and wrote the longest run-on sentence EVER.)

30 here I come ! What do the next 10 years hold? Here are my hopes ... going to college (never did that), see my first born graduate from high school (WOW !!!), perhaps welcome more children into my life, spend another 10 years with the love of my life, probably move again, teach 3 kids to drive, potty train one more, write a book (haha), learn to camp (and like it), and fall more in love with my Savior. Not lofty goals, not really goals at all. Just excited to see what God has in store. The last 10 years were unexpected every step of the way - and it was great! I have no doubt that as I get more gray, gain more wrinkles, and live more life .... that it will be good. In all the sorrows and joy, it will be good.

Bye-bye 20's. Hello 30's !!!!!!!!

My parents won a million dollars (or not) for finding my mistake in this post. I stated that I was one month short of 20 when I got married. Turns out my anniversary is in July, my birthday is in June. I was indeed one month into my twenties. Hmmmmm, perhaps in my 30's I will learn how to add.


Jeff said...

Happy B-Day... You totaly rock!

Sharilyn said...

About time you updated this blog...Congrats on your graduation in life. When I was a teenager, I thought 30 was old. Now I don't even think 50 is really that old. 70 maybe getting closer to old. You could start a bucket list...:)

petiteblogger said...

Love your post. I hope you had fun last night. I'm glad we are friends and I hope to get to know you much better in the years to come. :)

Kristina said...

As a fellow 30 year old, I do not think that 30 is old, it is quite young! Happy Birthday you young spring chicken!