Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby Britton Blurb (x2)

1) We had some new friends over for dinner last night and they were asking our kids about their life. One question that was asked to Providence was, "Do you guys play any sports?" Providence replied with a, "Not really, no, not at all actually." Sam piped in in disagreement however, stating rather matter-of-factly, "Yes we do. We play Mario Kart!"
Um .... anyone know of an affordable sport league we can get our kids into????

2) I made the mistake of meeting up with a friend at the Humane Society. She is looking at dogs ... NOT ME. The kids didn't get that though. They didn't understand why we couldn't get one also. They spent the next several hours begging and pleading. Eden finally had it all figured out .... or so she thought. "Mom ..... I promise to get you anything you want forever, and even for mothers day, if you just let us get a dog."
I sorta want to get her a dog just so she has to get me anything I want forever and even mothers day. That would be one way to secure our retirement. :)

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