Monday, July 6, 2009

Britton Barber Shop

When Malachi first came home, he had a shaved head due to how unhealthy his hair was from the malnutrition. We shaved it a few more times those first few months home. Then all of a sudden, it seemed healthy enough to let it fro .... I mean, let it grow. It grew into quite the cute head of hair.

However, with the summer heat, it seemed a little cruel to make him hold all that hotness in. So, we shaved it again tonight. By the time it's a little baby fro again, fall should be upon us and he'll appreciate it as much as I do. (It was so stinking cute!!!)

For now ... bye bye fro!

No, this is not a dead animal. It was the hair that came off Malachi's head.

Slick Baby Man is back! (Although, I'll admit that I sorta wanna cry and mourn the loss of his sweet hair.)

Now for Sam. Sam, Sam, Sam. Sportin' the bull cut like no child ever has. Okay, maybe they have ... just not in his growing generation. Although, I think it's really coming back.
Anyway, as you can see, HE was having a hard time seeing. So Sam the Man was next in the barber seat.

Sam's piled up hair.....
I think I got up to 2 inches off in some spots. (Like over the eyes.)

The finished product ......
And I didn't even use a bowl....
I'm just super talented.


Kristina said...

Okay...I love the fro, but Malachi is so cute with a shaved head too! I think my brother used to have the same hair style as Sam. You have 2 handsome boys!

Carmine said...

I love Malachi with his head shaved (well, I love him either way, but you know what I mean!)

Sam's bowl cut on the other hand...have you tried a buzz cut?