Sunday, July 5, 2009

Provi's Bike School

This afternoon I was out front picking some flowers ... weeds ... whatever. The kids were riding their bikes. All of a sudden Providence says to me, "Mom!!!! Eden just learned how to ride her bike with no training wheels. And I taught her !!!!"

Uh, huh, sure she did.

SHE DID !!!!

I went to look, and I say to Provi, "No, the training wheels are still on."

She says, "No, Mom. Dad just flipped them up. She's really riding".

Huh. Right she was! Eden was really riding! And on the first try at that. My little girl ... riding a bike. And I didn't have to teach her! SCORE !!!! :)

Provi then asked me if she could start a business teaching the kids in the neighborhood how to ride a bike. Little does she know that many-a-parents would pay perhaps hundreds or thousands of dollars for such a service.

I wonder how much she would charge for potty training.....

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Kristina said...

Yeah!!! Isn't that so great about having multiple kids, they can often help each other out. Tell Providence that she can come teach my kiddos:)