Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tell me I'm Beautiful

This morning I overheard a sweet little conversation between a mother and her three year old daughter. Here is how it went.

Daughter - "Mommy, tell me I'm beautiful."
Mom - " You are beautiful"
Daughter - "Thank you !!! "

I don't know what that does to your heart, but it did a lot to mine.

The thank you that this little one replied with was said with as much excitement and belief in what she was just told as I think I've ever heard. She asked... her mother responded... she fully believed. So precious.

What is it that happens in women ... in me ... that makes us stop believing the answer given? Here is what I fear will be a conversation one day between this little girl and her husband.

Girl - "Dear, tell me I'm beautiful."
Man - "You are beautiful" (and he means it just as much as her mother did so many years ago)
Girl - "Whatever, you are just saying that because you have to." (girl no longer believes it)

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