Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I just read the following statement on an article about allergies and what causes them.

~Your environment. Scientists believe that the clean and sanitized homes of the industrialized world are actually detrimental to the immune system, and that exposure to illness-causing bacteria is necessary for it to function optimally. When your immune system is not challenged by natural foes, it malfunctions and becomes supersensitive to seemingly harmless substances.

I just wanted to be sure we were all clear on the fact that I keep my house the way I do in order to keep my family exposed to illness-causing bacteria at all times so as to have a healthier immune system. Just in case you were ever tempted to think I just don't clean, don't like to clean, or don't want to clean ... now you know the truth.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Quote for the Day

Thanks to a FB friend who posted this as his status update, here is today's quote. Maybe tomorrow's too.

You know you have created God in your own image when God hates all the same people you do - Anne Lamott

Saturday, August 22, 2009

And the prize goes to ....

Recently I read this in a Daily Devotional book that I have by John Piper ....

God prizes the discipline of humility more than trouble-free days. "God has chosen the foolish things ... and ... the weak things of the world....so that no man may boast before God" (1 Cor. 1:27-29)

This little sentence has been ringing in my mind and soul ever since. There's a thousand things in my life just today that God has chosen to "prize the discipline of humility" rather than granting me a trouble-free day. (Okay, maybe not a thousand.)

I guess I should be thankful....He's not allowing me to grow calloused. He's not turning me over to my sin. Instead, He's loving me through discipline. Most of the time though, I move forward in such discipline kicking and screaming and thinking it's just not fair, and longing for that trouble free day.

Again, my mind is spinning with the many things in my life lately that this is true of. Rather than going on and on, however ..... I ask,

What about you? How is He prizing such discipline of humility in your life? Is He? Are you?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Work with me .... I've got 4 kids to talk about here ....

Today marked the first day of the 2009/2010 school year for us here in the good 'ol St. Vrain Valley. What that means for me? A 4th grader, a 1st grader, and a kinder grader (wait ...). I remember a Cosby Show episode of the first day of school and how thrilled Cliff and Clare were on the first day of school, going on and on about how wonderful and free they would be now that their kids were gone! That emotion is not what resonates in my soul on a day like today - the first day of school. Nope. 3 pieces of my heart up and grew up on me, without my permission. Supposably an education is a good thing, so they have to go get one. I miss them when they are gone. I like having my children around me. It's hard, but I like it. I like them.

Anyway, enough of the sappy stuff. Here was our day.....

PART 1: PROVIDENCE, the 4th Grader ~

I took this next picture as a "last chance" photo. We were running late for school. (Yes, on the first day, and no this should not surprise you. Seriously though, you'd think the world was coming to an end and everyone was trying to get to the highest mountain top or something. THAT is how much traffic there was, and THAT is why we were late. Okay, so the pictures on the deck maybe didn't help....) Anyway, my plan was for us all to walk Eden to her class, then Sam, then Provi....because, of course, I NEEDED pictures of all of them in front of their class. Provi was protesting this idea as she just wanted to see her friends. Upon hearing the bell ring as we entered the building, I yelled at her to turn around and smile. She did. I snapped. I hugged her and told her to go ahead to her class. Sniffle....

(I did sneak by her class on my way out of the building in the morning to snap a photo. She is in this picture, only I'm the only one that knows where, I think.)

Providence loved her first day back. She knew most kids in her class. She likes her teacher a lot, even though he likes the Beatles, and she doesn't. They get to disect owl poop (or something) this year, which she thinks is cool. She sits next to the daughter of the parents who recently opened an ice cream shop in Erie ..... "cool". She's a learner. She loves it. She's social. She loves it. I don't have to worry about her at all ... which probably means I should.
PART 2: EDEN, the First Grader~
Eden's class is seriously in the bowels of the building. Go figure. My flighty (no offense), directionally challenged child has the hardest classroom to get to. This could take a few days .... She said she was ready to go. I wasn't so sure. My little Ede seems so young to me still. Certainly too young for first grade. Yet, here she is.
Eden's teacher had already begun instructing the children, and had even sent a note home prior to the first day of school to make our good-bye's short and sweet. (She must not have children.) So I snapped a quick photo of Eden in her desk, and I was off with Sam to his class. Sniffle....

As for Eden's re-cap of the day. She came home EXHAUSTED !!! This full day thing is going to be difficult for her. I mean, the girl still naps about once a week! She was hard to read all afternoon. After a snack and cartoon and playing with her sister and brothers, she pretty much locked herself in her room the rest of the afternoon. All we really got out of her was that first grade was hard. She wants to go back to kindergarten because she misses Mrs. Mason (her (K) teacher, and wants to be in class with Emma .... who happens to be in Sam's class ... who is in Mrs. Mason's class. It's just not fair!) Then at bedtime ... just stick a dagger into this mommies heart. She laid there, almost in tears, telling me she didn't want to go back tomorrow. She doesn't like all day school because she misses me. And first grade is hard. Math is hard. Oh....sweet Ede....
PART 3: Sam, the Kindergartner
The last bell rang at this moment, so we were a bit panicked, but I HAD to have my photo. So, "SAM", I yell. He turns. This is our shot.
He hangs his backpack, and the Star Spangled Banner comes over the speakers. I stand there with him singing. Then The Pledge of Allegiance starts. I stay with him. He knows The Pledge of Allegiance, and that was a proud moment for me, as I think he was the only kid that did. :) He sat down at this table full of boys. The dark haired boy next to him seemed to be having a hard time with his parents leaving. His parents seemed to be having a harder time. So I kneeled down and asked the boy what his name was.
Boy - "Giddeon"
Me - "Hi Giddeon. This is Sam"
Sam - (looks at Giddeon) "Hey"
Giddeon - (quietly) "Hi"

I show Sam where his markers are, and direct him to begin coloring as the Teacher has asked.
At this moment ... I look around and see many tear filled children, and their tear filled parents standing at the door. I decide it is time to leave. I've done this .... this is the third go around. This releasing of my child to the public school system. This moment where I am no longer the one who holds most all influence in my childs life. Ugh. I turn and begin to walk out. Sam's teacher, Mrs. Mason, who happened to be Eden's teacher last year knows what a mess I can be on the first day of school. (I stayed with Eden for almost an hour on her first day of school, crying, in the corner....me, not her.) I said, "I know better, I'm gettin' out of here!". Her response was, "This is old hat to you, no big deal!" I responded with, "Yes, but it never gets any easier." "I know", she says. (She has 4 kids of her own.)
I leave. I'm sad. My baby Sam is in school. Sniffle ....

As for his day - he reported that he asked Giddeon in the bathroom (in the bathroom???) if they could be friends, and Giddeon said yes. He danced with his friend Emma at recess. And he kissed Emma .... but JUST on the forehead. Um ..... huh??? (I kissed a boy on the first day of kindergarten .... so I'm not super worried. Besides, Emma had a much purer story than Sam did of the events. Boys....) Sam told me he loves kindergarten, and wants to go back "every tomorrow". Deal!
PART 4: Malachi, home with Mom~
Malachi really likes his brother and sisters. He walked around for about an hour asking for them and looking everywhere, as if they were playing hide-'n'-seek. After a while, I invited him to join me in the kitchen. And while Aaron was texting me asking me if I was watching TV yet (since I have all this free time now with just one kid at home... hahahaha ....), I was busy with Malachi.

We made bread.....

And we got the chicken in the CrockPot for our company coming for dinner later in the evening.

At that point, it was time to go get Sam from morning Kindergarten. WOW!!! Already??? 2 1/2 hours goes fast!

All in all, it was a good first day. I'm praying for Eden ... a lot. I'm praying for all of them. As I left the school (misty eyed, I'll admit), I prayed to God that he would hold them. I begged that they would remember the lessons we've taught them. I pleaded that they would not feel alone, because He is with them. I asked that as they are exposed to the world outside, they would cling to the truths they've learned and grow in them. I thanked Him that while I cannont hold my babes .... He never lets go.

And now I'm crying.... again.....

What did Cliff and Clare know, anyway???

Oh ... after school ... aside from being exhausted, the 4 kids couldn't get enough of each other. I kept trying to invite each of them into time with me, but they wanted nothing but each other. I love that they love each other. Once the groove hits, maybe I'll get my time then.....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This is what you get for having 2 big sisters ....

Yo-Yo !

Peace -Out
Tiptoe through the tulips ...
Where's my pixie-dust?
Malachi has a twin sister??? Wait .... nope, just 2 big sisters.

My Little Hockey Player

This past week, Eden lost BOTH of her front teeth. It's not even Christmas time ! She informed me that since she was missing two teeth now, the second was worth $5. I wonder if I should be getting concerned about her embezzlement tactics. Or hopeful .....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Provi and her pink guitar

Provi is learning her first songs. Jesus Loves Me, and BANANA'S ! I'm not sure if I labeled the videos right, or if these videos will even work..... but I guess we are about to find out!


Jesus Loves Me

Baby Britton Blurb (s)

There have been some funny Eden Blurbs said lately, so I thought I'd put them all into one.

We've been talking a lot about season's around here lately, and which ones are our favorite, and why.

Eden - "Fall is my favorite Spring."

Well okay then! (Aaron is convinced that will be a future album title of 519.)
Eden - "Dad, I need to figure out a way to find $100."
Aaron - "Yeah? How are you planning on doing that?"
Me - Thinking to self .... ME TOO !
Eden - "Well ........ Dad?........ Can I have $100?"

Nice try Eden. I should know, I've tried it. Doesn't work.