Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I just read the following statement on an article about allergies and what causes them.

~Your environment. Scientists believe that the clean and sanitized homes of the industrialized world are actually detrimental to the immune system, and that exposure to illness-causing bacteria is necessary for it to function optimally. When your immune system is not challenged by natural foes, it malfunctions and becomes supersensitive to seemingly harmless substances.

I just wanted to be sure we were all clear on the fact that I keep my house the way I do in order to keep my family exposed to illness-causing bacteria at all times so as to have a healthier immune system. Just in case you were ever tempted to think I just don't clean, don't like to clean, or don't want to clean ... now you know the truth.

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Kristina said...

Yeah...that's why I don't dust...