Saturday, September 5, 2009

Brittons Budgeting Guide

I'm thinking about writing a book about managing ones money. It will be a very short book. Here is the gist of it. Let someone else ... not a professional accountant, not just your spouse, but rather a trusted friend who shares your priorities ... take a look.

I've never been good about budgeting. Ask my Dad and Aaron. I've always believed that money really does grow on trees. You would think as an adult, I would have seen the error in such belief, but I guess I haven't. One of the disciplines I've become increasingly convicted on for some time though revolves around this idea of a budget. God has made it clear to me that as much as I like to think I'm diligent with the money Aaron earns to provide for our family, I know I'm not as diligent as I could be.

There have been two times in my life that I've experienced humility beyond any level of comfort. (Because of course, humility is supposed to be comfortable you know.) The first was being on bed rest. (Okay, so I've experienced this one a few times...) Nothing like letting friends and strangers alike into your home to clean your toilets, wash your clothes, feed your family, and clean your closets. The second came a few weeks ago. Some dear friends offered to help us with this idea of a budget. If you ever want to humble yourself, give this one a try.... We pretty much layed it all out for them. They saw where our money went, why, to who, how often, and how much. It was challenging to us when the husband told us that he does this with another buddy of his once a month. He said it keeps them in check to be sure they are using their money for kingdom purposes, rather than just their own standard of living. WOW !!! Can you imagine if finances was something that Christians talked openly about with other Christians? Can you imagine if everyone allowed an outside party to look in to their bank accounts and question their reasons for spending? Huh. I wonder how this world would change. Forget about the world ... it is changing my world. God is so good to Aaron and I. And while we may not have college funds in place for all of our children, he has indeed given us TODAY our daily bread .... and much, much more. Sometimes (okay, all the time for me), it takes such humility and discipline for me to start to realize how blessed I am, and truly thank God in plenty and in want.

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