Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow Days, New Boots, and 911

Fun times !

First of all, I think it's funny that I'm posting snow pictures before I'm posting fun fall/pumpkin patch/Halloween pictures ... on October 28th. I love Colorado ! And don't worry, I'll post those other pictures one day. Maybe.

Today was fun ! We woke up to about 6 inches of snow on the ground (again, OCT. 28 folks). Just about every school district in the area had called off school ... except for ours. Grrrr. I gave my kids the option, as I thought we should have had a snow day, to stay home or go to school. Little smarties chose school ! WHAT ??? (Whose kids are these ?) So off they went.

After I took them to school, I headed to Kohls ... as Provi and Aaron needed boots. Okay ... seriouslly, WHY do kids boots only come in Character boots ? Provi has no idea who The Wizard is (well, maybe she does, but I don't). And she doesn't like the Jonas Brothers (GASP, I know !) So I ended up looking in the women's section with a tear streaming down my cheek. Surely my oldest baby cannot fit into womens boots. Um, she does. Size 7 in fact. As I was looking through the women's boots, I realized that I am NOT that cute woman that pulls off the boots and skinny jeans look ... or boots and sweater dresses. I was sad. I love that look ... just not on me. Sigh. So many cute boots ... 2 fat calves. Anyway .... off I went to the men's section. In the time I've known Aaron, he has never had boots. And really, you just can't have 4 small kids that want to play in the snow and not have boots. So I bought him some. And unlike the 3 ROWS of cute womens boots to choose from, I had 4 options of ugly boots to pick from for him. I chose the most offensive, just for the fun of it. (No ... I didn't.) Poor guys. They don't know what they are missing! And after giving it some thought, I decided that since all the boy kids (and some daring adult men) are wearing skinny jeans these days, they should probably start to design chunky feather boots to go with just to even things out some.

The weather was predicted to just get worse throughout the day, so I was glad to have that done. On my way back to the school to get Sam from morning kindergarten, I made the executive decision that the roads weren't getting any better, and I best take all 3 kids out for the rest of the afternoon. (Okay, so really I just wanted to play in the snow ... and one must have children to do that I guess.) So I did. After listening to their cries of not getting Pizza for lunch, and missing computer lab, etc ... I convinced them snow days were fun ! We bundled up and headed out to play in the near foot of snow that had already come down ! We made a snow man (or something), made forts to hide behind during the snow ball fight, and had said snow ball fight. SO.MUCH.FUN. Really, I don't think I've ever had more fun playing in the snow. That is until Aaron thought it would be funny to throw the balls in face over and over and over. Brrrr ! I trampled his fort while Provi held his head up for me to try and launch my attack. It didn't work. Still fun though. And anyway, the poor guy had just finished shoveling the drive (for the 3rd time), and was wearing Spice Girl boots (in his words). I guess the least I could do is let him win a snowball fight.

Here's some pictures of the fun. And while I know this post is already really long (but fun, right?) ... you must hold out for the 911 part of my title !!!

Sweet Eden. She named her hat "Fluffy".
Provi thought it was cool that she could take clumps of snow off Aaron's car at one time. I was just glad clumps of Aaron's car weren't coming off.
Sam kept sticking his head in the snow as if he had a home underneath it or something. At one point, I was concerned he was drowning. He wasn't.
Man vs. Wild ... or, Aaron vs. North facing driveway. (Notice the ski goggles ! They don't match his boots AT ALL ! )
Look at those beauties !!!! I call him Snowy Spice. (Seriouslly, they have at least 2 inch soles.)

The kids and I with our snow creature.

Okay .... 911.

I think that our local fire/police department might just move their beds to our house.

After our fun day outside, we nestled in for some yummy potato soup that I had in the crockpot all day. Our neighbors came over to join us. After dinner, we made snow ice cream, as this is a fond memory Aaron has of first snows growing up. And while I thought it was kinda funny that my grown adult husband was asking me for snow ice cream ... let me tell you ... YUM YUM YUM ! Especially served over my homemade apple crisp. Add another YUM ! As we are passing out desserts, the fire alarm goes off. WHAT????? I didn't even use the stove top, and I certainly wasn't cooking fries ! I used my crockpot !!! How can I start a fire with a crockpot ?? No. Turns out the alarm was in the boys room. Aaron and our neighbor all but disconnected the wires from the alarm and the thing would not shut off. Painful. Finally, I called 911 (despite the guys telling me not to). I just wanted to know how to turn it off, and I figured that surely they would know. They answered the phone by saying, "911, what's your emergency, Ms. Britton". (kidding) I quickly exclaimed it wasn't an emergency, and that I just couldn't get the fire alarm to turn off ... and there was no fire. He asked if it was possible that it was not a fire alarm, but rather a carbon monoxide detector. DOH !!!! I totally forgot we had one of those. It doesn't help that it wasn't in it's normal place. After our real fire, the cleaners (or someone) moved it into the boys room. Their coats were covering it, too. Anyway, I ran in and realized that was the culprit. They still had to send someone out to check CM levels. And in typical small town Erie fashion, not one, but three vehicles showed up ... lights blazing and everything ! Seriously, our neighbors may bring us up at the next HOA meeting to have us evicted from the neighborhood or something. Turns out, it was a low battery. Praise God there was not really a problem. The kids were still kinda spooked, as the fire is still fresh in their little memories. I, on the other hand, couldn't stop laughing at the fact that there is never a dull moment ... never.

School is cancelled tomorrow. Not me cancelling it, it really is cancelled. Can't wait to have more fun in the snow !

The End.


rebelwithahaas said...

I laughed out loud... seriously... Truly, never a dull moment at your house!

Angie said...

What a circus! Sounds like a GREAT day. Maybe a repeat for tomorrow! (Minus 911, of course.) (Or not.)

Lynette said...

You just can't make stuff like this up - I think you should take your fire people some Christmas cookies. That way you can prove to them that you can bake - in your oven - and they don't have to come pick them up. Love the snow pictures! Your "creature" is awesome. I started giggling when I saw your poor pumpkins all covered (buried) in snow. That is so sad :( I don't think your kids will be forgetting this Halloween -EVER!

Kristina said...

I had our maintenance people come once because the smoke alarm battery would not stop beeping...they checked all smoke alarms and batteries and they were fine...we couldn't figure out where it was coming from...then realized it was the battery in the carbon monoxide detector...I feel your pain:)

Sharilyn said...

What about baby Malachi? Where was he? We don't ever get that kind of snow here, ever. We are lucky to even get one 6" snow in the entire season. Some fun Missouri kids just can't even imagine!

Jody Britton said...

Sharilyn - Malachi was asleep. He wouldn't last long out there, sine it was up to his chest. :) We'll start to ease him in to CO snow when there isn't as much.