Friday, October 23, 2009

We should just move

In the words of The Great Sam .... "Oh.My.Word.There.Are.Five-dy six" boxes. (Yes, I did say Five-dy six. That is a number Sam often uses that is too cute to correct. Whatever the number is, it must be a pretty big number to him, because that's how many stars he said there were in the sky tonight.)

Anyway, a cleaning service came in after the fire and took away everything that needed to be laundered. (Other than the 35+ loads that we, along with much much help from our friends, did on our own.) Point is, we have too much laundry. Actually, it included all stuffed animals (of which we also have too many of), coats, rugs, drapes, bedding, dry-cleaning, back-packs, luggage, etc ...

Whatever. It's still A LOT of stuff.

So, pretty much I've decided it might be easier to pack up the remainder of the house and just move, rather than un-pack all of this. Or maybe I should just take it right to the shelter, as we've done just fine without it for 5 weeks. Well, other than the curtains ... our neighbors would probably like us to keep those. Lesson learned. I've gotten rid of 2 huge bags, and have several more boxes sitting open as I toss things in to them to pass along as well to someone who needs the stuff.

Here's what I get to do this weekend .... week ... month .... ugh.

Notice in this last picture, my wedding gown is hanging. Yes, that's right. My wedding gown. Yet another silver lining.... 10 years later, my wedding gown FINALLY got cleaned ! :)


petiteblogger said...

do you think they would notice if you gave them your "other" wedding dress that really needs cleaning? :)

Lynette said...

That is so funny about your wedding dress! So glad to hear it got cleaned. The new paint job in the family room looks great (at least I hope it's the new paint job). It looks darker than before. Anyway, looks good.

Kristina said...

WOW! That's a lot to unpack.