Sunday, November 29, 2009

Free Christmas Music !!!!

Who doesn't love free music downloads ? And who doesn't love Christmas music ? And who doesn't love the band, 519 ??? If you don't, you will now !

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Merry Christmas,
From 519 !!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our Day In Court

Today was a very special Thanksgiving Eve for the Britton's. Today we finished our adoption journey as we went before a judge here in CO to "re-adopt" Malachi. Basically, it's just another hoop to jump through. I don't really understand at all why they have you go through this, but, whatever. As of today, Malachi's legal name is now Malachi Abel Britton (changed from Abel Aaron). He is also now legally a US citizen. We also had our last post placement visit with our social worker. What a long way we've come since having him home for a year. What a long way we've come since we started this journey 2 1/2 years ago !

The day was so fun. Court itself was really special and meaningful to me, which was unexpected. As I said, I thought it was just another hoop. However, I'll admit, I choked up a bit as the Judge asked us questions. The wording of the questions were especially meaningful to me. He asked some basic stuff (name, address, date of marriage, etc...). He asked how the adjustment has been, if the 6 of us as a family have joined together as a family, if I consider myself to be a person of moral character (haha ... I thought that was funny), if Malachi was better off in our family (I hope so). Then he proceeded with a list of about 10 questions along the lines of...
-Do you promise to care for Malachi, love Malachi, protect Malachi, "AS IF HE WERE NATURALLY BORN TO YOU". That was so beautiful to me. Of course the answers were a resounding YES !!!! I just love that the court was recognizing the need that this once orphan is now PART OF ME, part of our family !!!!

After the formality was over, to our surprise, the Judge asked the kids if they wanted to sit in his chair. They were all so scared. (Which they should be, because we told them before hand that if they acted up, the Judge was going to put them in jail. Perhaps they didn't catch our humor in that .... oops.) But with a little prodding, they agreed. Provi was the first to sit in his chair. He told her to go ahead and bang the gavel. She did. Then he told her to do so while saying, "order in the Court". She did. Next was Eden. She sat there with the gavel in hand. The Judge leaned over and whispered something in her ear. Next thing we know, Eden is banging the gavel shouting, "Off with their heads !". Cracked.Us.Up!!! Sam's turn ! Sam, being 150% boy, just couldn't stop slamming the gavel on the desk. The Judge was such a sweet, quite man who was so encouraging to us and the way we've chosen to expand our family.

After we were finished, we spent the rest of the evening celebrating! We took the kids ice skating, and then out to dinner. We have much to be thankful for every day ... but this Thanksgiving, my heart is extra full !

Enjoy the pictures ...

The Judge referred to the kids as "The Peanut Gallery". :)

Malachi's turn with the gavel ... WATCH OUT !!

Our Social Worker ... Jody. (She's got a great name!) She was such a great Social Worker !

"I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God." :)

The kids played on some rocks outside the courthouse after the hearing.

On to the festivities .....

Malachi couldn't actually skate, but he kept trying to walk out on the ice.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Good Read

I read an article recently in Christianity Today. It's provoked a lot of thoughts for me. I kept thinking about taking the snippets of the article that seemed especially meaningful to me, such as the following ....

In such a therapeutic, pragmatic, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps society as ours, the message of God having to do all the work in saving us comes as an offensive shot at our egos. In this culture, religion is all about being good, about the horizontal, about loving God and neighbor. All of that is the fruit of the gospel. The gospel has nothing to do with what I do. The gospel is entirely a message about what someone else has done not only for me but also for the renewal of the whole creation.

But then I realized there were too many. So .... may I suggest you take 10 minutes or so to read this article. Living a Gospel-Centered life is a challenge for all of us, I suppose. But that term "Gospel-Centered" in and of itself is not a phrase I grew up hearing or learning. So for me personally, I'm feeling a bit like a new Christian all over again as I view God and Jesus much bigger, and me much smaller as I try to wrap my head/heart around the truth of what the Gospel is....not merely a "ticket to salvation", but rather the core of my being. That's a good thing.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Britton Businesses

Turns out I've got a couple of little Entrepreneurs living in my house.

Eden has been on a roll lately trying to find ways to get money. Her most recent quest is a Sticker Company. She's marketed her goods to the little first graders in her class, telling them some sad story about how she wants a trampoline because hers broke and her parents can't afford one. Well, the kids fell for it ... hook, line, and sinker! She told them she would sell them one sticker (more specifically .... Tinkerbell stickers (of which I, the broke mother, purchased long ago)) for a "penny, a nickle, a quarter or even a dollar if that is all they had". She continues to forget her stickers at home, and yet several children have handed over there spare change on her promise of, "I'll remember them tomorrow". Today she asked if I would help her remember to bring her stickers to school tomorrow. I suppose I should do that so as to avoid her being reported to the BBB or something.

For a few brief moments, I thought about telling her she couldn't do this ... it was a scam and a rip off. I will admit that I was afraid I would start to get phone calls from parents, teachers, or the School Board for goodness sake ! But then I decided that there was really nothing wrong with her ventures. She's a smart one, just trying to make a buck in this pathetic economy. Good for her to find the edge on her market .... first grade girls go nuts for all things Tinkerbell !

Next comes my eldest. Providence chose to go the old fashioned route of making a sign with pull off tabs with our (um ... MY) phone number on it and hung it to the community mailbox. So far, 3 tabs have been removed. Here's the sign .....

In case you can't read it, it states:
"Learn how to ride a bike with Providence. 3 dollars per hour ! / Bring your helmet !!!!"

Well today she had her first lesson ! (Actually her second. If you remember from a while ago, I blogged sharing that Providence taught Eden how to ride her bike. I never paid her though. I guess I owe her $3.) Our sweet neighbors either respected her efforts, or took pity on her, or saw the benefits of someone else leaning over your small child while holding on to the handle bars and trying to run without falling flat on your face. I dunno. Regardless, she made her first $3 tonight ! And what was even cuter, is that the little girl was learning how to ride a tricycle ! She's been having a hard time actually pedaling and steering, rather than going Flinstone style. Provi took her work very seriously, and Sophie (the student), very quickly went riding off into the sunset. (Okay, so not really .... but she did successfully go from driveway to driveway by the end of the lesson.)

So basically, Sam and Malachi need to pick of the pace and start sharing the load ... otherwise they may find themselves without a trampoline forever !

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Aaron's post on a stellar Baby Britton Blurb

Since Aaron thinks that only 4 people read his blog, I thought I would link to his most recent post, as it is hilarious ! (And I know that at least 5 people read my blog, so one of you is missing out by not reading Aaron's ! )

Check out Sam's mind ....

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One year

I maintained a blog during our adoption journey, and have updated it every now and then in the year we've been home with Malachi. I found a site where I can have that blog bound into a book for a keepsake. I'm so excited to have that done, and for Malachi to have that for his life. (Of course, I have big plans to "scrapbook" the journey as well ... PLANS being the key word.) Anyway, since finding out that I could do that, I have known that our one year anniversary of having Malachi in our family would be my last post. That day is today ! Read it if you want.

So one blog ends, with another continuing. Malachi doesn't need his own blog. He's a Britton. He gets in on the same pages as the rest of us. :) I did, however, wrap up "his" blog with a letter to him for the sake of closing his "book".

Here's to yet another chapter ..........