Saturday, December 19, 2009

My New Kitchen

The kitchen is done !!!! Well, mostly. We'll call it done. I have to touch up some paint, because the new lower cabinets are 1/2 inch shorter than the old ones, and a few other details ... but whatever. They're in !!!!

Almost 3 months to the day later, it's come to a beautiful end. (The fire was September 17th. Today is December 19th.) What a looooonnnng drawn out saga. A friend of mine commented to me yesterday that she was so happy for me, and that I had waited patiently for so long. Um. Haha. No. No I didn't. I waited, just not patient. Seriously, it's me folks. Those who are friends with me on Facebook can certainly attest to my lack of patience. And I just know that all my FB buddies will miss my daily updates about the kitchen drama. Whatever will I have to update people about now? Anyway .......

Wanna see em ??? The pictures don't do them a ton of justice, as the cabinets have a lot of detail in the finish that doesn't show up on photo. Also, some who have seen them have already commented on how stainless steel appliances would look better .... I don't mind. I love my black and white kitchen. T'is always what I've imagined, and I couldn't be happier. They scream classy (with the black cabinets), yet practical-with-four-kids (with the white, easy to clean appliances). And of course, that description fits me to a "t". Mwahahahahaha.

Oh. Sorry. I was going to get to pictures, right ? Here ya go !

Before the fire:

Because of the fire :

After the fire :

Clearing things out for the new cabinets to come in (3 months later):

Removing the old lower cabinets. Aaron, Bmer, and Lewi did a stellar job!

Jeremy (our contractor/friend) doing his thang :

So. Um. Yeah. I ordered the blind cabinet larger than it was supposed to be. (By an inch or something.) Oops. Luckily, Jeremy wasn't afraid of power tools or cutting into drywall to make it work !

Aaaaahhhh ... it fits ! (And I have an extra inch of cabinet space ... priceless ! )

Re-fitting the sink seemed to be the worst and most time consuming part. (At least to me, an observer.)
FINISHED !!!!!!!! This is what you see when you walk in my front door :

I tried to get one picture that showed the finish a little better. It's that cool antiqued finish. You know, the one with the corners that are lighter.

The End !

There you have it. One drama coming to an end. Wonder what is next. ;) If you are ever looking for a spectacular handy man that is fair in cost, treats you well, and does a fantastic job, give Jeremy a call ! (I'll give you his number if you need it!)

And yes, I am for hire to light your kitchen on fire so you too can get a new kitchen. (No, I'm of course kidding ... mostly.) This would not be the way I would have chosen to remodel a kitchen, but it is what it is. I have learned many a lesson (like to trust McDonalds with the fries, not me). I have had my patience tested (daily). I have learned a lot about myself (like how much I love Mr. Crockpot). And I've realized that I need about a quarter of the items my kitchen used to hold (seriously, who needs 45 tupperware lids ?). I'm glad this is over. I'm ready to submit my final paperwork to insurance and start cooking !!!!!


Sharilyn said...

Totally love it!! It looks so lovely to get doing some holiday baking in...I'm glad you got the black cabinets. It does look like quite a process to go through....ugh. Well,,,enjoy!!!

Lynette said...

B.E.A.utiful kitchen! LUV the black cabinets. What a change!! Enjoy breaking in your new kitchen with holiday baking. What a memory I am sure you will never forget!! Thanks for posting the pics.

Kristina said...

So pretty!