Monday, March 29, 2010

For your listening enjoyment ....

This past Thursday night was the night we looked forward to for months. The end of the the recorder unit...... I mean, Provi's 4th grade concert ! YAY ! 95 fourth graders playing their recorders for one whole hour. Music to my ears.

No, it actually was better than I anticipated. The volume of that many recorders on stage was actually less intense than one playing in my living room with me right next to it. Who knew ??

Provi was really sick the day of her concert, but was such a trooper. Not only was her concert that night, which she really wanted to be at, but during the day at school was the last day of CSAPS (Colorado testing) of which she just couldn't miss (she said). Such a dedicated 4th grader. I'm very proud of her. (The next day she called in sick. Poor thing.)

Malachi was grooving to the beat.... or something.

Eden grew some tasty teeth during the production.

Sam could hardly contain his excitement !

And now .... the moment you've been waiting for..... time travel with me back to when we were in the fourth grade.

For your listening enjoyment !!!!


Lynette said...

Great job Provi!! Whoa....took me right back to my 4th grade year. Michael row the boat ashore.....Hall.el.u.jah!

Angie said...

That sounded awesome! Way to go, Prov. Jody, did I ever admit to you that I loved, loved, LOVED my recorder unit? Oh, I did. My favorite song was "I Ride an Old Paint" which I happened to remember a few months ago and had to google. I still knew every word and am positive I could play it on my trust recorder- which I still have. :)

Michelle E said...

That really sounded lovely! I'm hoping Wyatt's recital sounds just as nice :) Good job, Providence!