Monday, March 22, 2010

Water anyone ????

Today is World Water Day. Did you know that even existed ? Yup. There is a whole world out there who doesn't have clean, drinkable water flowing freely from the kitchen sink. There is a whole world out there who can't drive to a convenient store and buy fresh clean water that someone took the time put into a plastic bottle and market to the rich people of the world.

So today, on World Water Day, a great organization called, Mocha Club, has presented a way for us to help. Go to their sight today and purchase a great stainless-steel water bottle (yay ... no more need to buy those plastic ones that I guess someone said are bad for us anyway) for only $20. In doing this - you provide clean water to 15 people in Africa who aren't as blessed as we are.

Next time you turn on your kitchen sink, thank God for what comes out !

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