Monday, March 22, 2010

You know you want some !

I've been on a "Green Smoothie" kick now for a few weeks. What is a green smoothie some of you may ask ? A smoothie with added "greens" (spinach, broccoli, kale, etc ...).

It's no secret that the Britton's are not known for their love of veggies. To get a serving a day of veggies in our bodies around here is a good day. So you can imagine my disgust when a friend told me about her spinach smoothie drinking habit. Vomit. Although, she promised that the spinach is undetected. So .... I figured, why not ? What do I have to lose ? (Besides a pitcher of nasty smoothie, of which I was convinced I would have.)

Boy, was I wrong !!!! She was right! You can't taste it at all ! So a lot of people have been asking how I make them. I found some recipes online (just google "green smoothie" if you are a recipe lover), but I have a bad habit of not following recipes (or not turning my crockpot on, or setting my kitchen on fire, or getting garlic in my nose, or pepper in my eyes ... but that's another topic).

So, in general, here's what I use for a Kale Smoothie:

- 1 1/2 cups water
- 2 cups frozen fruit blend from Costco. It has mango, papaya, strawberry & pineapple in it.
- 1 whole banana
- Um, several heaping spoonfuls of Greek Yogurt (honey flavored)
- Agave Nectar (again - not sure how much I used, just pour it. I just like it a little sweeter!)
- 5 -10 large Kale leaves (I know, the kale isn't pictured. It's b/c I took this picture after I made the smoothie, and I had used up the last of my kale.)

And the finished product ????

4 servings of fruit (at least) & 1 1/2 servings of veggies all in 32 ounces of yumminess !

Yes, I do drink all 32 ounces at once. It's lunchtime silly !

In my spinach smoothies - the fruit I use is still 2 cups of fruit, only it is frozen strawberries & blueberries and one banana. Then 2-4 cups/handfuls of spinach. You can play around with all the other ingredients. I've tried water as a base, almond milk, and skim milk. I've added real honey, agave nectar, and vanilla. Just play with it. Anything to hide those nasty greens !!!!

Cheers !


Andy said...

So gross. I think I'll pass.

petiteblogger said...

Yay! I have been meaning on asking you for your recipes so thank you! I'm not very excited about the whole idea but I'm willing to try... :)

David + Kim said...

Hmmm - I may need to try this. Now, how many points per serving? ; )

Anonymous said...

Love smoothies.....thanks for the recipes!!