Sunday, June 13, 2010

High School Musical meets Jesus

My dad always told me growing up that if he could just set math facts to music, I would've learned them. He never did. I won't blame him for me not learning my math facts, BUT ..... I never did. I've always memorized music and song lyrics quickly, but my ability to hold things to memory ends there.

Confession: I still don't know my math facts -addition, subtraction, and ESPECIALLY multiplication. Don't ever ask me on the spot what 6 + 8 is unless you want to see a grown woman counting on her fingers. I'm very thankful for calculators and google documents.

Confession : I don't memorize scripture (easily), and thus have very limited actual verses stored up in my mind. I have a lot of general references and vague truths that I'm pretty sure I read in the Bible. Lets just say, I'm very thankful for a good concordance.

Confession : I own just about every Veggie Tale and Kids Praise CD ever made. (At least I'm not confessing that I have them on my iPod, just have the CD's.) I play them often for the kids in the car. I'm very thankful for front and rear faders on the stereo.

My kids love to listen to these CD's. Aaron and I .... not so much. But I've never had a problem turning them up full blast in the car and letting my children sing away to such adorable veggies. Granted, I've been guilty of driving with my iPod headphones in my ears so I don't have to listen to it. That's probably not super safe, huh ? Recently though, we've been trying to steer away from the kid tunes and direct the babes to better music available for their little ears. (Aaron is pretty sure U2 tops the list.)

However, I was reading a blog post the other day that introduced me to some music for kids. Of course, I had to check it out. That internal "SUCKER FOR KIDS CD PRAISE MUSIC" button still exists deep within.

Apparently, there is are several CD's put out by Seeds Family Worship. All of the songs are actual Bible verses (including references!) set to music. And I'm not talking just some of the verbage used in a verse, but the verse itself, and only the verse, so help me God. Wait ....

I LOVE THIS ! I know it says somewhere in the Bible (don't ask me where) that I am to hide God's word in my heart. I know it says somewhere in the Bible that I'm supposed to teach God's truth to my children when I'm walking by the river or driving in my car or something (okay, so that was a stretch ....) Sooooo ...... It didn't take long for me to see the value of these CD's.

So I bought a couple. And while they aren't the typical Justin Bieber (Justin BEAVER if you ask Eden) who I of course would normally love to listen to (you know I'm kidding, right ?), they are pretty good! The CD's are actually really good.

There are a couple of reasons I will pop these CD's in on a regular basis ....

1) I will finally put to memory a lot of really great scripture verses. (Wonder if Seeds Family Worship would throw in some multiplication tables as a hidden track on their next album.)
2) Even better - my kids will put great scripture verses to memory. They will begin to hide God's word in their incredibly soft and moldable little hearts. (I can tell you right now that 1 of my 4 FOR SURE memorizes music better than staring at a piece of paper .... just like me. But really, don't most kids ? Even if only for her alone, I'm so glad to have these.) These are prime years for my kids to hear and memorize the Word. I can tell you that the only reason I know the ten commandments or the books of the Bible in order were because they were made into a song and taught to me as a small child.

So parents (mostly of small children)- here's my advice. Buy these CD's. Listen to them WITH your kids. Learn them WITH your kids. You cannot start this early enough ! There have been a few times over the last few years where we find ourselves at 3 am when bad dreams sneak in and the littles can't sleep, that we've calmed their fears through song. More specifically, a verse set to music. (Be strong and courageous for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.) It brings them comfort every time. Why ? Because I sing so well at 3 am and they love it ? No. Because of the warm breeze of Mom's morning breath blowing on their face ? Uh, gross. Because God's word is powerful, and their little brains get it best when they can relate through singing along what they have learned. Yup.

So turn the DVD player off on the way to the grocery store (or Grandma's), and turn the music up. Trust me, you won't regret it when you hear your child off in the distance coloring or something, all the while singing quietly....singing the Bible.

The only bad thing I can figure that could possibly come from this, is that my kids will one day be telling their friends about Jesus while singing at them. Ha. I can see it now. High School Music meets Jesus. Guess it could be worse .....


Michelle E said...

Oooh, I like that music! From one sucker-for-kids-praise-music to another... thanks!

PS We miss you. Come back to CO someday soon... Justin "Beaver" will be here July 8th *screeeeeeam* ;)

PS I'm completely kidding about coming back for Justin Bieber. As a grown-up, I would never scream at a teeny-bopper event. Nope.

Angie said...

Wow. I totally agree with what 冠慧 and 宇軒蕙帆 said. Deep. (And Michelle's just funny!)

I've heard a lot of great stuff about Seeds all over the Blogosphere! I'm happy to read a review from a real-life friend. If I can tear my girls away from Psalty, maybe we'll give it a shot!

And don't be knockin' HSM. I love it. And I'm thankful my girls are blissfully unaware of who Justin Beaver is... so far.

Jody Britton said...

ha, angie. funny. they slipped by me this time. usually i catch them, but they must be getting sneaky ! argh. do you deal w/ that on your blog ?