Thursday, July 1, 2010

Baby Britton Blurb

For some reason, in Omaha, just about every other house has an American Flag hanging proudly out front. While it doesn't seem that this should be a strange sight, I guess it is. We just don't see it often in the Boulder area for some reason. I wouldn't have noticed this were it not for Sam ......

Sam - "Why does everyone in Omaha have the American flag hanging in their front yards?"
Aaron - "Because they are proud to be Americans, and they want to show it." (Of which I snidely remarked under my breath - "Yes, they're equally proud to be Nebraskans with all the Husker stuff displayed everywhere." seriously - it's disgusting.)
Sam - "Well are WEEEEE proud to be Americans?"
Aaron - "Yes"

long thoughtful pause by Sam.......

Sam (very matter of fact states) - "Well then we should get a flag."

Perhaps we shall. (And I won't even disgrace our flag by hanging it next to an even bigger Husker flag.)

We ARE proud to be Americans. I don't think about it enough. Maybe displaying a flag will help.

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