Friday, July 9, 2010

Coincidence ? I think not.

We recently went to Nebraska for an extended trip. On the way home, the van was running pretty rough. We thought it could be the intense heat out on the Nebraska (and CO) plains. I remember pulling off the Interstate onto the Highway telling Aaron that the van was not happy with us.

We made it almost home and my bladder couldn't take another second. I had to pee ! (You didn't see that coming as the next sentence, did you ?) So we stopped at the Library that is a mile from our house so I could use the restroom. (Yes, I really couldn't have made it that one more mile.) Pulling out of the Library, the van decided it had had enough. It just quit. We thought it had overheated, we hoped the gas gage was wrong and we were truly on E. We sat. We waited. It wouldn't start. We called some friends who graciously came to lend a hand. We loaded up the kids and got them home. We went back with a gas can. Still no luck. It was official, the van was dead. So we called a tow truck. (Mind you, we still had a car top carrier full of suitcases, plus an entire van full of more luggage, toys, pillows, day old Subway trash, and everything else that comes with an 8 hour car ride with 6 people inside the van.)

It's a holiday weekend so once towed, we find out they wouldn't get to the car until the following Tuesday. (This happened on a Friday.) We begin praying for our warranty to cover whatever the problem was. Kia vehicles come with a warranty of 100,000 miles. We had ended our trip at 99,889 miles !

Now .... I don't know about you ... but I don't really believe in coincidence. I believe in a God. A really big God who orchestrates my life. A God who cares about the silliest of details.

We could have been stranded in the middle of nowhere. Instead we made it safely to a mile away from home where help was easy to attain. We could have gone over 100,000 miles on that trip (thus leaving us with no warranty), but we didn't, thanks to the handful of times we decided to use my parents car instead of the van. We could have come home to no vehicle to use, but instead, had several families willing to lend us a spare car. Kia could have told us they wouldn't cover the expense of the repair (b/c we haven't been the most faithful at keeping up with scheduled maintenance). They didn't. Praise God !

Turns out, the water pump clogged up, which then shredded the timing belt, which destroyed the engine. (Or something like that.) $8000 to rebuild our poor van's engine. And yes, it's all being covered! I serve a really big God who cares about my really small life.


David + Kim said...

Jody- what a great reminder that God cares about us...even in the little details of our lives! Thanks for the encouragement today : )

Lynette said...

I always hear "Don't sweat the small stuff" - now this story is a testament that God really takes care of the little things. Thanks for sharing!