Monday, July 5, 2010

Mr. Bean

At dinner tonight, Malachi appeared to be "digging for gold". You know. Up his nose. He started gagging a little bit, so I told him to get his finger out of his nose. Aaron and I started joking about our next status updating on Facebook saying : "You know you have long fingers when you make yourself gag while picking your nose." haha, right ?

A couple of hours later, Malachi came to tell me that he had a bean up his nose. A bean?
"You mean, a booger ?"
"No, a bean", he said.

I couldn't see one, but he seemed pretty determined that there truly was a bean up there. He even tried to tell Aaron. Neither of us believed him. I just thought his allergies were bad and he had a stuffed up nose. So I stuck him in the bath to clear out his sinuses. It worked.

I was trying to help him blow his nose, and I got a sneeze instead. Sure enough .... out flew a bean! (It was actually a pea, but he says a bean.) Ewe !!!!!

He may be mischievous, but he's no liar.

(Oh, and I tried my best to keep the video G rated .... he was in the bath during said event though.)


Carmine said...

Ah, the joy of innocence and sticking things up your nose. So cute!

Lynette said...

Maybe he really likes the smell of beans?!? I mean peas?!?