Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kids rooms

First, a Baby Britton Blurb :
I was ironing (shocker) the kids new bedskirts. Eden walked in and asked what I was doing.
"Ironing", I said.
"What's ironing?", she asked ... barely able to pronounce the word ironing.
"Uh, see this thing? (holding iron) It's called an iron. It's used to take the wrinkles out of clothes."
"Oh. I didn't know you could do that."

Sigh. While it's not much of a secret that I don't iron often (okay, hardly ever), this was rather pathetic I thought. My 7 year old had no idea what an iron was.

(You're wondering how I never iron, aren't you ? Because I like wrinkles. Actually, Aaron irons his clothes for church once a week. I've tried to be a good wife and do it for him, but he says I make it worse. Huh, I don't know how ???? ;) )

Onto the bedrooms. I was done with bunk beds. While the boys beds were fun, the set up was huge, and just not as practical as I had hoped. Also, there is nothing worse than making the top bunk. To top it off, the girls were in desperate need of new dressers. Soooo .... what do you do when you need something and can't afford it ? Charge it ! NO ! Sell stuff ! And sell stuff we did. We sold the boys and girls bunk beds, our old washer and dryer, and also held a garage sale. Add up all the sales, and we made it. Just enough to buy all new dressers for the girls, PLUS new bedding for the girls and the boys ! Yippee !!!!!

This is Sam helping Aaron get the old washer and dryer cleaned out for the new owners. :)

The girls wanted to get away from the old pastel colors. They have very different taste though. When they spotted this bedding, they both loved it, but couldn't agree on the pink or the blue. So I thought I'd take my chances on mixing it. I like how it turned out, and they are both thrilled. Now they just need new curtains.

Before : (although we haven't had the girls bunks set up for a while now. They were separated and on the floor)

 After !

The boys could care less, but I enjoyed finding matching bedding for them that already matched their curtains and bedroom. And not only that, but on a major sale even !!!! The boys bedding was on clearance for $19.99 each. That included the comforter, sham, sheets & bedskirt ! Can't beat that!

Before :

After !

My sister, Lynette, made this adorable quilt for Malachi when we brought him home from Ethiopia. 
The girls bedding came with these big bags. They are possibly more excited about the bags than they are the bedding.
What is one to do with a bag that big ? Oh, right, put your little brother in it.
Lastly, one of the things I'm most excited about is the bedskirts. (Which according to Eden, has now made all the beds girls.) For some reason, under the bed becomes the home for all things when a child is instructed to put their toys away. Now I don't have to see that chaos when I walk in their room. It gives me a mild panic attack every time. Plus, they think it's fun to hide under their beds now.

Malachi gave away the hiding spot.

So there you have it. Our new rooms ! (And I don't have the new blogger picture loader figured out yet, so sorry the placements of the pics/captions are strange.)

The rooms won't be this clean tomorrow.


Dena said...

The rooms look great. That's one thing I'm looking forward to when we get into our new house (whenever that is!). Decorating with the kids.

I love the girls' new furniture. Very cool!!

BMer916 said...

looks awesome, great job Jody!

Lynette said...

Love the new rooms! Thanks for posting pictures! The boys' room really looks like a big boys room now. Love all of the colors you chose. Great job!

Lynette said...

P.S. - Love the new picture at the top of your blog!

David + Kim said...

Ohhhhh - I LOVE the room makeovers : ) You did a great job - and you're so resourceful!!!

Kristina said...

I don't iron either! I have only ironed twice in the last ten years:) My husband irons all his shirts and that is the only reason my kids have ever seen an iron. I also don't fold clothes...I just stuff them in their drawers.
Love the new rooms!