Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Meet Gunther

The kids have been begging and pleading for years for a dog. The funny thing about this, is that all of the kids have been fairly timid, if not down right terrified of dogs for that same amount of time. We always have one reason or another to dish out for why we wouldn't get a dog. The biggest was that I had enough poop to clean up, and until everyone was potty trained, there would be no dog. Well, Malachi is potty trained. And go figure, the kids remembered that I said that. (Yet somehow forgot to bring their clothes up from the laundry area this morning.) So they have been hitting us hard for a dog. We managed to buy some time with some pet frogs the last month or so, but they've all died. (And they let us take on caring for another animal ? ) So the kids started asking for a dog once again.

Aaron and I figured we better really think about it. We couldn't just keep coming up with one excuse after another. We needed to decide if we were going to ever do this dog thing or not. We talked about the pro's and con's. One of the biggest pro's that we came up with was the reality that dog's are great for helping kids learn responsibility. One of the biggest con's was that if the kids failed to be responsible, being the one at home during the days, I would be the one to would take on such responsibility.

We talked about what kind of dog we'd want. I wanted a Jack Russell, but turns out those dogs aren't great with kids. (So I begged everyone to at least let me name Gunther - Jack Russell, because of course, that's funny. I got denied.) Aaron grew up on a farm in the early years of his childhood, and really feels strongly that our dog needs to be outdoors A LOT of the time. My wood floors agreed. So then I said it needs to be a bigger, strong dog that can handle that. I grew up with a Pomeranian who required the snow being shoveled to walk out to go to the bathroom in the winter. I don't have the patience for that. We said we'd like to find a dog a little bit older in the hopes that it was already house trained. I said I wouldn't have a big dog that jumps on people because, 1) it would trample my little people, and 2) that's a pet peeve of mine (no pun intended).
After all that discussion, we got online later that night to look at what dog's were available at the Humane Society. I saw this sweet picture one particular dog. Of all the dogs there, he was the only one I really wanted to see. (The kids spotted a Jack Russell mix of some kind, but turns out it was in quarantine for some reason. Not a good sign.) When I looked at his description, this dog had everything we were looking for. He weighs about 60 pounds, it said he was great with any age kids, was house trained, understood basic commands, and didn't jump. Perfect ! So the next day we went to meet him. (I'm also allergic to a lot of dogs, and I can feel it most when they lick my skin. It itches like crazy! So the next step was making sure I wasn't allergic. I wasn't !) He was so gentle with the kids, and had such a sweet temperament. We went home that night, and Aaron and I began to research on good 'ol google about his breed and what it would take to have a dog like that in our home. We agreed that he'd be a good fit for a dog for our family.

The next day, off I went to "adopt" him, or whatever. We kept telling the kids we were still thinking about it, even once we had decided. I enjoy being able to surprise people, and especially my kids. So while they were at school, Malachi and I took care of business. Their faces, joy, and excitement can only partly show in words on a blog, or even in photo. But needless to say, they were beyond thrilled ! It was so fun to see ! Provi even is volunteering to be on pooper scooper duty..... (wonder how long that will last.) I realize there are a lot of pictures of Provi and Gunther. I guess she's waited the longest for a dog, so it makes sense.

Without further ado, meet Gunther !

American Staffordshire Terrier/Pointer mix (AmStaff/Pointer if you want to be hip)
60 lb. male
2 1/2 years old
Incredibly sweet. Plays well with other dogs. Very gentle with kids. Thinks he's a lap dog if given the chance. (Seriously. He tries to sit IN our laps. It's pretty funny when he tries it with Provi.)
Snores loud.

Hope he likes us.


Lynette said...

Hellloooo Gunther! Ginger says "Hi"! You picked a fun house to grow up in. Welcome to their family!

C said...

Hey Gunther, glad to finally meet you! You have a great family now, hope you can keep up with them!

Sharilyn said...

I'm happy for you all! I spent my childhood wishing we had a dog. Your kids got their wish. Nice bonus that he came already trained. I wonder why his people had to give him up? It probably broke their heart, but it sure blessed yours! Hope you get more sleep tonight!

Jody Britton said...

thanks guys !
sharilyn, he was a stray. but w/ how well trained and mild tempered he is, I know he was well loved, and yes, I'm sure missed a lot.

Angie said...

Ohhhh my girls are going to be so jealous! It looks like he fit in right away!

I can't believe you gave in. :) What's next, a pony?! Just kidding. :)

Welcome to the 'hood, Gunther!

Dena said...

Sunshine and Bridger can't wait to meet him. :)