Monday, October 18, 2010

Vote for Pedro

Actually, don't vote for Pedro. I just thought that post title might make you actually read this post. Did it work?

Vote for Jessie and Ross. Some dear friends of ours (that would be the previously mentioned, Jessie & Ross) are in the early stages of adopting a child. YAY! Jessie stumbled upon this great thing that her bank is doing. People can submit a charity they would want to see $5000 donated to. If that story gets the most votes, not only does the charity get $5000, but so does the person who submitted it. In this case, the second $5000 would be going toward another "charity" ..... their adoption! Can't think of a better link to follow than the one I'm about to post. They entered the game kinda late, so vote every day, and spread the word. Just by clicking vote, we could come together and see $10,000 going toward some pretty fantastic things!

Here it is .... (oh, the charity they chose is The Water Project)

Vote now. Then come back and vote tomorrow, and the next day and the next until Oct. 31st. 

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