Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hot Cross .... Earplugs Anyone ?

Providence is in the fourth grade. If you'll remember back to the fourth grade, the public schools begin to teach you music through the amazing instrument that is the recorder. I'm not sure this is the most effective way to teach music anymore, especially in a world of electric guitars and keytars. I suppose it's easier for an elementary school music teacher to suffer through the recorder rather than say 30+ didgeridoo's or something. I don't know that it's easier for the parent though.

Today Provi brought home her shiny new recorder (all $6.00 worth of it) along with a song book. Each page shows the different notes to be played followed by top hits for the recorder. So for example, her assignment for this week (yes, I did say WEEK), is to learn A & B. Each page would then show an entire page filled with different notes (whole, half, etc ...) in the key of A or B. So I heard a steady A (or A flat???) for about 10 minutes. And then my daughter who realizes that she is above such nonsense, because after all - she is learning the guitar - moves on to actual songs in her music book. And what is the first song one learns on the recorder ? You got it .... Hot Cross Buns. Ho-hum. Guess what I heard for over an hour today ? You got it ! Hot Cross Buns.

Provi is very excited about her new found talent. Here are some of her "Baby Britton Blurbs" throughout todays practice session....

"EDEN ?!!?! YOU CAN'T TALK WHILE I'M PRACTICING ! If I don't get this done, I'm gonna get in HUUUUUGE trouble ! My teacher said I have to practice A LOT !"

"Mom, look ! I've got calluses on my fingers from practicing ! I can't wait to show Dad. He'll be so proud of me."

"Malachi.... pretend like this is a lullaby." (Followed by what other than Hot Cross Buns, in slow motion though.)

"Mom? How many times did I play today?" - Provi
"463" - Me
"No, Mom ! Like, how many minutes ? I have to write it down. The music teacher said so." - Provi
"At least 60 I think" - me

This is going to be a loooooong week ! (I hope this unit only lasts a week.) It's making me reconsider homeschooling .... at least for the 4th grade.