Saturday, April 10, 2010

Single What ???

Up until yesterday, I thought that Singletrack was just a beer in Boulder. (And a yummy one at that.)

So what happened yesterday to bring me to the understanding that it is more than that ? Well ....

About a year ago, I slowly started to get into biking. Mountain biking to be exact. Okay, fine, leisurely trail riding to be precise. I'm afraid of biking with cars speeding by me, so road biking was out. But to live in Colorado, one must come to appreciate the outdoors. And more than that, to try to torture yourself through physical activity in the outdoors is preferred. I chose biking when I realized I hated running, and skiing is too expensive.

A friend of mine named Lindsay has been my riding coach from day one. She's great on our rides. Always encouraging and pushing me to try new things. (And to get a better bike - which I did. Yay!)

So yesterday, to help break in my new bike - she offered to take me on a loop she has discovered. It was my understanding that it would be 15-20 miles of trail. I was excited !!!! Till we got about 20 minutes in that is. Lindsay started to give me riding techniques for climbing and descending in rocks as we were approaching a Singletrack. Huh ? She brought beer ? Sweet ! Till we reached said Singletrack (and I had already drank all my water and used my inhaler twice). Instead of Colorado's first microwbrew, I came upon this ....

Yup. I had to go down that ! Okay, not really THAT. I just found that picture on the Internet when I typed in Singletrack Images. Who knew that a Singletrack was just that - a biking trail wide enough for one. (Okay, so maybe you did. But I grew up in Nebraska. I didn't !) So while this isn't what I biked, what I did come upon made me face the reality of my mortality. Am I being dramatic ? Yes, always. Lindsay thought so as well at the time when I kept crying out that I was going to die. We were climbing and descending steeper hills than I have ever ridden with only 2 wheels. There were big rocks, and more frightening - steep drop offs. Well, perhaps a steep rolling hill (you know, like the one Wesley throws himself down on The Princess Bride) would be more like it. Still - steep ! And I only had a foot and a half of trail to balance myself on. YIKES ! Lindsay turned at one point after she flew down a hill (and I followed behind testing my breaks the whole way) and asked if I was having fun. I told her I would decide it to be fun if I made it out alive.

Well .... I made it out alive. And guess what ? I can't wait to go again ! 3 fears did I conquer on my bike ride yesterday with Lindsay. One - curbs. Yes, curbs. I have a fear of riding up and down curbs on a bike. (So what in the world am I doing toying with the idea of mountain biking then ? I have no idea.) Two - Singletracks. I didn't know I had a fear of Singletracks (specifically ones with a steep drop off) until I was on it. Then I thought about wetting myself a time or two. Yet conquer I did. Three - biking with the cars (as mentioned earlier). After we were done in the mountainous areas, we had to ride for about a mile along a busy highway with cars driving by at 65 miles an hour. Eeek ! I did it though and I wasn't even afraid once I got going.

So I guess I'm a Coloradan now. (Or is it Coloradoan?) Or perhaps getting closer - depending on who you talk to. Thanks Lindsay for slowing down for me ! (To tell you how much she slowed down - this loop took us 2 hours. It normally takes her about an hour. Man I'm slow when I'm scared....or out of shape, whatever.) I'm so excited to continue this new found love of biking. I'm even excited to try this trail again .... and perhaps one or two more challenging (in a few months). Now I must go back to icing my legs. Ouch.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Britton Blurb

Malachi was eating a chocolate covered granola bar (I know, nutritious, right ?). He was standing next to me about to get his chocolate covered fingers on me and the desk. So I stopped him asking, "Do you have chocolate fingers?"

Guess I didn't word that question right. As this was the response that came from Sam who happened to be sitting near by ....

"MOM?!?! You think he's made of chocolate just because he's brown?"

Well, now that you mention it ....