Sunday, November 21, 2010

OUCH !!!!

You can go here to read the entire blog at The Resurgence, called: Have It All or Want It All? But here's my copy and paste chart for (my) future reference.

From one Discontent .... OUCH! Pretty sure I land in the "Greed" category far more often than I care to admit. So here I am .... admitting. And He loves me still.

Humility (Phil. 2:3)
Grumbling (Phil. 2:15)
Grace: “I am a sinner who deserves death but Jesus paid the price and gave me his perfect righteousness.”
Entitlement: “I am a good person who deserves heaven—plus a comfortable, pain-free existence in the meantime.”
Jesus is enough to satisfy my life.
Jesus is not enough. I want wealth / fame / comfort / power as well.
God gives. Therefore my money is his, and I use it to glorify him.
I earn. Therefore my money is mine, and I use it however I please.
Contentment: I have enough
Covetous: I never have enough
Serve as a member of God’s family
Be served as a consumer
Work heartily for the Lord; cultivating thanks for God’s provision (Deut. 8:17; Col. 3:23)
Work begrudgingly for the man; becoming bitter and jealous against others (James 3:16)
A blessing to embrace
A burden to escape
Eternal: optimistic/hopeful (2 Cor. 4:7–9)
Temporal: pessimistic/anxious
Time, energy, and resources go to God
Time, energy, and resources go to me
Jesus and his achievement
My abilities and my achievements
Guilt- or gain-motivated (or non-existent)
Which column most accurately describes your life? In which areas are you encouraged? Where do you need to repent and seek forgiveness? Your church, your small group, and your family are following your example, for good or ill.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby Britton Blurb

Malachi to me:
"I like Gunther, and Jesus too."

That's a relief.