Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hair twists

We've been growing out Malachi's hair. Correction .... I've been growing it out. Aaron asks almost daily for me to shave it. Anyway, I've been waiting for it to be long enough to twist .... or do something fun with it. (And I adore his afro when I actually remember to brush it out.) I've been googling "African Boys Hair" and similar topics to try and figure out how exactly to do this. I found a video on You Tube, go figure, that showed me step by step what to do.

So tonight .... we did it! My first shot at "twists". I have a lot of days ahead of me of needing to know how to do the hair of my beautiful African babies. I'm thinking that maybe a class would be a better idea. But for a 3 year old, I think this is a good start. (I also have very low expectations of it staying in overnight. I think his hair is still just a little too short for this to stick.)

I only wish I would have got a before picture. He had a sweet 'fro! :)

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