Monday, March 21, 2011

He's no Jesus Jr., but he will do!

Today isn't an anniversary of any kind. It's not Aaron's birthday. I have no reason to blog about marriage and my Man today .... no reason expect for the fact that I love him. A lot.

I know, you just had to pause to throw up a little, didn't you? Well, too bad! It's just the truth!

I had the radio on the other day, and overheard the DJ (they are still called DJ's, aren't they?) say that the best piece of marriage advice his wife had heard was to remember that she wasn't marrying Jesus Jr. In other words ladies: our husbands are pure-bred sinners, unlike Jesus (but just like us!). I must admit to chuckling, no, full on laughing at this quote. How true it is.

It got me thinking about some of the best marriage advice one-liners I've taken to heart.

1) "Your husband doesn't need another Holy Spirit - he needs a wife."  Let's be honest ladies, how many times do we think we know better than our husbands? In our infinite knowledge (HA!), we try to "convict" them at the deepest levels of their souls. The problem is this: we aren't the Holy Spirit! Thus our voice of "conviction" actually translates as NAGGING. That doesn't do a marriage good. Just be his wife. Pray for the Spirit to guide him. He'll do better than you can anyway.

2) "Your spouse is created in the image of God."  This is a biblical truth that most certainly should effect our relationships. Sadly, more often than not, we fail to see God's image reflected in our spouse. We see it in ourselves, and often expect our Spouse to have the same image. Thank God that who I am as a woman does not in its entirety reflect His image. Nobody would follow him were that the case. The moments we can cling to this truth, and thank God for our spouse and the ways they are different from us and how they reflect the image of God, are moments to be sought after indeed. It's what makes our differences work FOR us, instead of AGAINST us. And besides, who wouldn't want to see a bigger picture of who God is? I know I do !

3) This last one I don't have a quote for, because I can't find my book. It came from Dan Allender's book, The Intimate Mystery. (As did the second quote.) He references marriage as being the largest way to gain a taste of Heaven AND a taste of Hell. Sound too harsh? Well it's true. Marriage is where we will feel our highest highs and our lowest lows. We will feel the pain we never want to feel (hell) and experience joys that are far beyond anything we deserve (heaven). I'm thankful to be in a marriage that is far outweighed by glimpses of heaven than of hell .... but remember, I am not married to Jesus Jr., and I am no Holy Spirit. Let's strive to be that taste of Heaven for our spouse today.

So there you have it. I'm certainly no expert. Were it not for Aaron, our marriage would be miserable. I'm hard to live with, I complain a lot, I don't offer love and respect freely, I didn't take a shower today (and am wearing sweats), and the list goes on. Aaron has his faults too .... but he's got a whole lot of strengths as well! Guys, if you ever want some tips on how to love your wife better, let me know - I'll fill you in on some of the top winners!

So today, on the first day of Spring, just an ordinary day with a sick kid at home, one kid in time-out, laundry coming out my ears, an empty pantry, and a dog longing to go for a run .... there's one thing I just keep thinking about: I am deeply in love with Mr. Aaron. Yup. I am.

What are some of your best one-liners to navigate this road called marriage?

(Hey Aaron, if you are reading this, I just spent $500 online for some new clothes ... you're good with that, right?!?!?!)

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Becky and John said...

What a great post! I hope we can all see our husbands in such a God honoring way. I know that the Spirit has shared this with you to make us all wiser in him! Thanks for sharing.