Monday, March 7, 2011

Who says this isn't clean?

Today was a typical Monday morning at The Britton household. After a long weekend of playing, the kids rooms remind me a bit of a tornado once again. I call out my requests (orders) for the rooms to get cleaned before they leave for school. Not once, but five times, I ask the kids if they made their beds and cleaned their rooms. They all tell me yes. I believe them - again.

After they walk out the door, I go from room to room turning off all the lights. (Because I also seem to be the only one who knows where the light switch is. I'm sure I have my own father to thank for that.)

Here is the "clean" room I was assured of:

I think I've decided that it is probably easier for me to change the worlds standard of "clean" the my child's. (And I'm not even going to clean if for them today like I did last time.)

So next time you visit my home, if it looks like this - you need to be okay with it and praise me for my cleanliness. K? Thanks.

****Post addition****
After clicking "post", I got a comment alert from my last blog post . I cannot stop laughing at the irony of it. Here was the comment left by my sister:

I visited again today to see if you had different ads. Yeah, you did. There was one for clean rooms. Isn't that for like a hospital? So funny....and relevant!?! I can see it now:

"Our top story is a stay-at-home-mom who put a clean room in her home. It was the one room that where she could always find her sanity."

Maybe they are one to something - clean rooms for the home. Haha.

I'm with my sister - who wants to help me market clean rooms for the home??? LOVE IT!!!


Angie said...

It's true! Both ads right now are for clean rooms. That's hilarious.

When we'd leave lights on, my dad would just take the lightbulbs out of our lamps. Problem solved.

Oh, and my sister had a real problem slamming her door. He took it off and she had no door. Problem solved.

Hannah said...

So, since we were just talking about Love and Logic... they recommend saying something like, " feel free to keep whatever you pick up/put away." Whatever is left by the time you have set, you put away (either for a time or for good...) That way you are only saying it once and they are learning responsibility. The examples that Angie gave remind me of Love and Logic examples, too. Or, they can pay you out of their own money for cleaning their rooms for them... I'll bet things will get picked up after some of that! :) Maybe taking a picture of their room cleaned up so they have something to reference in order to meet the expectation would be helpful, too. I guess it is so easy for me to give suggestions when it's not my kid :) Love ya, Jody!

Jody Britton said...

angie - i love the door idea.... except for then how would i conceal their messy rooms? guess i have to pick my battles. :)

hannah - they don't get allowance (which is obvious why not - i do their cleaning!) but the idea of keeping what they put away is a good one... thanks!