Wednesday, April 13, 2011

And then there were two. Maybe.

It's "adoption central" at the Britton household, as my friend Michelle says.

We've had a dog (Gunther) now since September. Recently Gunther has become more and more .... how you say ... annoying??? He seriously needs to be in a home with another dog. The pup has major separation anxiety. (By this I mean he pees every time we leave him ... in his kennel! He barks and cries when we are away the point where the neighbors leave notes on our doors. He'll scratch door frames, dig holes in the yard, lick the door incessantly  ... whatever it takes to get to us.) Gunther has a myriad of other issues that just have been making life hard for .... um, me. Maybe it's because I never grew up with a dog. (Okay, so I grew up with a Pomeranian. That doesn't count. It's like a furry squirrel. Sorry Lynette ...and Mom.) Maybe it's just because he's needy, who knows. All I know is this .... the dog needs a friend! (Don't we all?)

So we got him one.

A girlfriend at that!

I know. We're a bit insane. Four kids, almost five. And now two dogs??? Seriously?

Really. The idea was to make my life easier!

Sigh.'s how it went down. We found a dog at the Humane Society today. Super sweet. She and Gunther got along great. So we brought her home. She's still super sweet. They still get along great. And guess what the best part is??? I'm already seeing a ton of Gunther's issues fall to the side as he tries to .... I dunno ... impress her??? He's like a different dog. The kind of dog I had hoped for. As for the new dog- she's great! She's completely submissive to Gunther. She lets my kids hang all over her. She's mellow. She's just plain sweet.. In fact, I begin to warn Gunther to be on his best behavior because we may just keep her and return him! (I'm such a good dog owner, I know.)

All was good until the moment "Socks" (the kids FINALLY picked a name! Socks it is!) jumps the fence. Yes. She did. The dogs are out back playing all cute and dog-like while I do the dinner dishes. Next thing I know, Socks is CLIMBING the fence. No she didn't just hurdle the fence. Yes she did. She climbed it like my children do. WHAT?!?!?! There was a family with two small children and a dog of their own on the other side of the fence. Needless to say .... FREAK OUT !!! I jumped the fence and ran after her. (Mental picture at its finest, I know.) She came back. I let her out about 30 minutes later. She jumped it again! Oh my. I am way too old for this. But I ran anyway.

Run, Forest, Run!

She came back. Maybe she likes us. All that to say ... how in the world can we keep a dog that jumps the fence? I don't know. We're going to try a few things, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

In the meantime, here's some cute puppy photos of the two love-birds. (They are kind of in backwards order. Sorry.)

"Okay, you can share my bed" says Gunther

"Bed hog!" Says Gunther ... and every other male on the face of the planet who has to share a bed with a girl!

"Fine. I'll just be a gentleman. You can have the comfy bed. I'll take the make-shift bed."

"Never mind. I was here first. Move it, lady!"


Sharing his toys. Such a nice friend.

Tired, but not trusting each other yet.

Puppy Love.
Here's hoping for sleep tonight. (For me, not the dogs.) Here's hoping for a fencing solution tomorrow.


Kimmie said...

Absolutely precious story and pics. If we had money, ANY, lol I'd adopt more human and fur babies!!!! For sure!!!

Lynette said...

Okay Jody. Pomeranians are AWESOME dogs! Little, furry, cuddle in your lap dogs. They don't jump fences either. Just sayin'!

Anywho....glad to see Gunther has a playmate. They look so cute together.

Can't wait to hear more doggie stories about your new canine addition.

Jody Britton said...

lynette - knew you'd pipe in defending the Pom! :) Gunther cuddles in my lap, and doesn't jump fences. The new dog ??? Hmmm...dunno about her kind yet. :) She may not stay a new canine addition...we shall see. :)

Sharilyn said...

6 kids, 4 dogs, 4 puppies, 4 goats, 40+ chickens, 1 conure bird and a beta fish. Beat that.

Jody Britton said...

no thanks, sharilyn !!! i think you have a bit more land than we do here in the Burbs, so maybe that helps a little? but thanks! :)

Kristina said...

My mom has a catahoula lepoard too, she was wild at first and settled down. Our dog is a freakin houdini with the dog run, but we finally got it worked out. I am curious to see what works for you.