Saturday, April 30, 2011

Buzz gets Cornrows

My last attempt at "twists" for Malachi's hair didn't go great. But I was determined to try again one day .... which meant letting his hair grow. The days I actually invest time (and product) in his hair, it still looks super cute. He especially loves when I brush it into a "fro". He sits there singing, aaa-fro, a-fro, aaa-fro over and over while clapping. (Mixed in is an occasional, "OUCH!". There are lots of curls to pick through.)

Anyway, yesterday a family friend came over. She's so talented. She braids her own hair! I can barely brush my own hair, let alone braid in such intricate designs like she does. So we asked her to help with Malachi's hair.

Instead of twists, we went with Cornrows. (And Malachi insists on being Buzz just about every second of everyday. What can you do?)

Take a look:
Malachi wanted to watch what was happening to him.

Metiki doing her thing.

Phineas and Ferb was the selected distraction. It only mostly worked. 3 year old's only know how to wiggle.

That's a big comb!

Almost Done!

"YES!" (Aaron told Malachi he looks like a big strong man. So he felt the need to show us his muscles.)

The artist and her client! She did a great job!

From the back

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Christy said...

So fun! Strong little man sportin' a great new 'do!