Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy No Housework Day to you !

I love made up Holidays. No, not Holidays that I make up - but ones that someone once upon a time made up and no one has any idea of who or when, but it's caught on. You know - like National Margarita Day which is celebrated on Feb. 22. Then there is, Being Marooned Without A Compass Day on Nov. 6. I sure hate it when I leave my compass at home! The list goes on to Doughnut Day, Chocolate Day, Red Wine Day, and many others that honor my favorite things...I mean, random things.

But today's "Holiday" should certainly be on every calendar ever printed. Yes. Today is No Housework Day! I dug a little to see what information I could find. The description of how to honor No Housework Day especially cracks me up. It's highly realistic, too.....uh, right. Here's what I found:

No Housework Day is your chance to do anything, except housework. Better still, have someone else do the chores for a day. Housework is a daily, seemingly endless and repetitive groups of tasks. It often goes unrecognized and worst of all..... taken for granted. But, watch out! If the dishes aren't done, or there's no clean towels, somebody takes note. 

There's two ways to celebrate this day:

If you normally do the housework around the house, cease and desist for this day. Instead, kick back and enjoy the day. Relax and do anything, except housework.

If you are a spouse or significant other, do the housework for your mate. It gives her (or him) a break from the housework. And, you just might get an appreciation of how much work it takes to keep up the house.

So I woke up this morning with this as my to-do list:
- Mop floors
- Vacuum Carpets
- Clean Bathrooms
- 3 loads of laundry washed and folded (because the unclean towels HAVE been noticed)

But now that I know what I know about this joyful holiday, I just feel like it wouldn't be right to be all Scrooge about it. But then, I wonder if April 8th is, Sit Down and Cry When You Realize How Behind You Are On Housework Day. You can "invent" a day here, so I might just do that!

What Holiday would you create? Who knows - maybe it's already been created!

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Traci said...

I wish I would have read this earlier. I just cleaned the house from top to bottom. Don't forget that April 26 is World penguin Day!