Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Redefining this Feminist.

I started reading a fantastic book this fall (and yes - the word starting would imply that I haven't finished it...it's a bad habit of mine, starting books and not finishing them). It's called, Radical Womanhood. The subtitle is really what drew me in: Feminine faith in a Feminist World.

See, I've sorta always viewed myself as a "feminist". Funny thing since I'm not living the typical "feminist" lifestyle. Although, I am living the life I chose, so I suppose it's approved. All I know is that I didn't fall under any of the following categories that always seemed the opposite to me of a feminist: Dora the Doormat, Dipstick Danielle, Kitchen-Trapped Kathy, Baby Popping Bertha (despite popular belief!), or Repressed Rita. (I did not come up with those names ... hang with me, I'll point you were they came from in a minute.)

However, living this out in a Christian sense, I came to realize that even as a wanna-be-feminist, I still didn't feel like I was fitting the mold. I wasn't fitting any mold. Maybe that's okay, but it sure makes it hard to answer questions like, "What does it mean to have a meek and mild spirit?" when I'm one of the loudest most outspoken women I know. It makes it hard to see how I fit into the one mold I would love to fit - the Proverbs 31 woman. She wasn't a feminist, but she wasn't any of those above names either. I didn't understand what the alternative could be, let alone how to pursue it.

Well, the book Radical Womanhood has been a great launching place for me to understand my role as a Woman. Not a woman of this world, but rather a Woman after God's heart. I read a blog post today that I thought would benefit any of my sisters who are feeling this same tug. The author goes through the stereo-types I named above, and redefines them in light of a "Complementarian". I think I like this "Complementarian" mold.

If that intrigued you, here's a few blogs I've been following that have been helping me understand my role a lot better. These aren't cooking sights, or how to raise children sights, or crafty blogs. No, these are the sights that speak to the truths of who we are as Godly women regardless of if you can cook, regardless of if you have children, and include those of us who lack any craft skill whatsoever.

Radical Womanhood (the Author of the above mentioned book)
Gender Blog (The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood)
Girltalk  (Conversations on Biblical Womanhood and other fun stuff) - this one has had some especially intriguing posts on Submission. (I know, I just used a bad word on my blog .... or at least some may say so.)

Well now that this is done, I'm off to cook and clean and play with my children while dancing through the house barefoot and pregnant (adoption counts as pregnant, right?) because I woke up at 5:00 a.m. to spend time with Jesus and take a shower and get dressed in time to kiss Aaron as he walked out the door to labor for his family so he can return to a happy wife, joyful obedient kids, and a hot dinner waiting next to his newspaper.  Or something.

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