Sunday, May 1, 2011

Aaron's Guitar Girl

This week Aaron dislocated his shoulder. Despite his wife's cautioning - he played his guitar this weekend anyway. He's going to have to have surgery, so perhaps he figured it couldn't hurt anything. That's beside the point. Anyway, because of his shoulder injury he isn't able to lift his left arm. One's left arm is needed for playing guitar. (Well, aparantly not, because he still played. I guess a capo makes it so you don't actually have to move your left arm very far??? What do I know though.) However, one's left arm is certainly needed to put a guitar over one's head. His left arm isn't functioning. So he asked me to hoist his guitar strap over his head for him when needed. Being the good wife that I am (ha!), I agreed. At the end of each church service this morning, I would follow him quietly on stage and slip his guitar into place while the rest of the church was praying. (Maybe people thought I was giving him a smooch right there on stage? That would be funny.)

Here's the real funny part. One of the other pastors (maybe I shouldn't admit that part) came up to us after services. He said, "Maybe no one else saw it because they were praying" .... (What was this guy doing then, I wondered? :) ) "But I couldn't help but notice your Elvis moment with Jody putting your guitar on for you. Next week I want to see towels."

Maybe you're as lost as I was. We came home and I needed Aaron to explain it to me. I guess Elvis used to have a guitar man who would put his guitar on for him. He would also hand him towels to throw at the ladies. All the single ladies. Wait ....

Perhaps after Aaron's surgery when he can't play guitar for six weeks, I will hand him towels to throw out during worship. Because that would be worshipful.

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